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Logical AFF4 Imaging: Triage and Logical Image of Mac M1

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on April 27, 2022
Richard T. Frawley
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Advanced Digital Forensic Solutions Inc., a company that has been around since 2006 and a leader in forensic triage and collecting information so that decisions can be made. Solutions! ADF strives to live up to its name by being on the forefront with solutions. Solutions to help make your job easier, your backlog slower, and your overall cost lower. ADF Solutions has done it again by grabbing the reins on AFF4 logical imaging and solving an issue in the community.


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ADF Solutions has developed an ability to create a forensic image

Along with the ability to now triage Mac M1 and T2 computers live and from recovery mode, ADF Solutions has given you the ability to make a forensic image in AFF4 format of the logical M1 and T2 Mac data. ADF’s team of developers have created the AFF4 logical image so that the data from a T2 or M1 Mac can be collected and analyzed with ease. Along with developing the Mac remote agent and current logical image format the team has created a working group to solidify the development and truly make it an image for the community at large.

Quick and true triage scan of Mac computers

The addition of the Mac remote agent allows you, with ease, to make decisions on scene regarding Mac computers, true triage of Mac computers. You can conduct a quick triage scan consisting of detecting images and videos, running crime or case-specific keywords, and comparing hashes in a short period of time, on a device you used to have to wait as it was analyzed at the lab. After you analyze the results of the triage scan the logical AFF4 image can be created with a simple change of screens and selecting the destination drive.

Contact us to learn more!

For information regarding the working group for the AFF4 image please contact (email address). The following video will walk you through the Triage and AFF4 image process using Digital Evidence Investigator Pro and the remote agent. If you are interested in a trial or further demonstrations of our computer and mobile capabilities please visit the link below.

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