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AGT Advanced German Technology (UAE)

ADF Authorized Partner - AGT Advanced German TechnologyADF Authorized Partner, AGT, was founded in Berlin almost a decade ago and is a premier German security solutions provider with strong consultancy focus and deep system integration expertise.  

AGT has developed National Laboratories in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) and has an excellent reputation as an expert in computer forensics.  The AGT digital forensics division of forensic science encompasses the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices with services including:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Fully Equipped Forensic Labs (Forensic Hardware & Software) 
  • Mobile Forensic Trucks
  • Network Forensics
  • Password Recovery
  • Data Decryption

AGT computer forensics work involves the identification, preservation, extraction, documentation, and analysis of computer data. Computer forensic examiners follow clear, well-defined methodologies and procedures that can be adapted for specific situations.

The fundamental principle of computer forensic examination is gathering data from systems (computer or network) without altering the data and the appropriate measures observed to ensure this. Even the act of shutting down a computer for it to be transported will necessarily incur changes to the data contained on the system. It is therefore challenging, and a highly specialized task to gather data without impinging on its integrity and to retrieve all data available out of the running or shutdown system. The experienced AGT Computer Forensics Investigators strive to preserve data for clients without intrusion. If required, they can even take the device off-site without turning it off or risking standby mode. To ensure the precision of their investigation, an exact copy of the data (an image) is made on a disk which then is the subject of subsequent examination rather than the original data.

Another key concept is recovery of deleted data or parts thereof. When data is deleted, it is not physically wiped in entirety, but rather the reference to the data is removed while the data itself remains available on the system. By imaging all data existent on a hard disc, instead of just the data identified by the operating system, it may be possible to recover data accidentally or purposefully deleted.

AGT FZ LLC Middle East Regional Office
Dubai Media City
Office 304, Building #05
PO Box 502186
+971 4 390 2548
+971 4 390 4757 


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