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Griffeye: Visualize Big Data

Griffeye Logo - ADF Solutions Partner

ADF Authorized Partner, Griffeye provides the law enforcement community with, simply, the best resource for turning information into intelligence. This translates into two driving aims: to make the Griffeye platform as excellent as possible and as open as possible. The Griffeye team is constantly developing the platform to include more sophisticated and intuitive methods for handling visual big data, such as incorporating machine-learning techniques.

Griffeye's open standards enable users to optimize and customize the platform to suit their needs. Developers from across the globe contribute to the Forensic Marketplace, so that users can select the latest, most advanced modules and plug-ins. As a result, the company's platform is a living, evolving and improving product, a collaboration of the brightest minds across the world.

Using ADF digital forensics software, media files collected either on-site or in the lab from suspect computers, storage devices, drive images, etc., can be easily exported into a Project VIC compatible output and imported into the Griffeye platform. This functionality further helps law enforcement agencies identify victims of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) and rescue children from sexual abuse. 

The Project VIC data model, known as VICS, has become a standardized model for exchanging information from tools and services specializing in this fight against child abuse.  ADF leverages Project VIC and CAID hashsets with builtin functionality in both:

Within ADF, Project VIC JSON files containing category information will auto-tag matching files during a scan with that category number, kick-starting your investigation and reporting.

Griffeye intelligence and visual big data platform products used by law enforcement, defense and national security agencies include:

  • Analyze DI Core
  • Analyze DI Pro
  • Analyze CS Operations
  • Analyze CS Enterprise

Griffeye (part of the Safer Society Group)

Första Långgatan 30
SE-413 27 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel: +46 31-719 08 00
Fax: +46 31-13 89 50 

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