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Whistle Forensic (India)

Logo WhistleForensic pngADF Authorized Partner WhistleForensic is an Indian firm specializing in providing multiple whistleblowing platform and Forensic Investigation Solutions to support client organisations. The team at WhistleForensic specializes in conducting Computer and Mobile Forensics for client organizations and provides legal testimony in court as expert witnesses. The team holds expertise in cases pertaining to cybercrime, cyber intelligence, cyber warfare, countering cyber terrorism, etc.

WhistleForensic provides expertise in setting up Forensic Labs and forensic training within organisations keeping in view of their job role and need. It also advises on Cyber Security architecture within an organisation.

WhistleForensicDownload the Whistle Forensics Insider Threat Case Study - DEI PRO
A 147, Lower Ground Floor,
Defence Colony,
New Delhi, India, 110024
+91 9167316180 Office 



Solving Digital Investigations in India

Cybercrime is on the rise across the continent of Africa and ADF Solutions is partnered with the best cyber and digital forensic partners across the nation to deliver fast, reliable digital forensics tools to speed investigations of all types: 

  • Human Trafficking 
  • Child Exploitation
  • Labor Trafficking 
  • Fraud 
  • Economic Crimes
  • Corruption 
  • Counterterrorism

ADF software leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to quickly analyze digital evidence, tag matches, and automatically classify media files (people, guns, money, CSAM, vehicles, etc.). The optional Rosoka Add-On lets investigators leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities for entity extraction, text analysis and English language gisting of 230+ languages.   

Thanks to ADF's excellent image and video recognition capabilities, ADF tools are frequently used to help combat Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) and investigate Human Trafficking cases.  

Common Features

  • Automated / easy-to-Learn 
  • Mobile Preview capabilities - view evidence in seconds
  • Rapid artifact & file collection with out-of-the-box forensic scans
  • Timeline view connects people to files and artifacts
  • Highly configurable to build your case
  • Standalone Report Viewer (share with prosecutors and investigators at no extra cost)

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ADF Authorized Partners

Our partners represent the very best in digital forensics worldwide. Our partners bring deep expertise in a variety of investigative areas including:

  • Financial and tax fraud
  • Child Exploitation
  • Crimes against children
  • Law enforcement and gang activity
  • Mass casualty investigations
  • Intel and special operations
  • Cyber / Anti-forensic

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