Booting a Lenovo Yoga 720 with a NOVO Button.

Novo button is either a small button or pinhole with a backwards arrow icon next to it resembing an upside down U lenovo icon.
The NOVO button comes with Lenovo Onekey recovery software. It enables you to enter Lenovo onekey recovery if the PC fails to boot normally.  
Under "NOVO Button Menu", you are provided to perform system recovery, enter BIOS or configure boot menu. The button menu will vary based on different software versions, 
You can use the tip of an unfolded paper clip (or similar object with a sharp tip) to gently press the Novo button with this upside down U
Once at the Menu select the boot menu and ADF Collection Key
Booting a Lenovo Yoga 720 with a NOVO Button

For Lenovo All-in-ones, there is no NOVO button. To run Lenovo Onekey Rescue you can choose one of the options:

  • Repeatedly press and release the F2 key after turning on the computer until entering Lenovo Rescue System, then select OneKey Recovery.
  • System Recovery software in Windows module

For Miix tablets, there is no Novo button: