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Digital Evidence Investigator PRO Field Tablet On Scene

True Triage for Mobile Devices

Extend your reach and speed investigations to reduce forensic backlogs by giving Digital First Responders access to ADF’s automated cyber investigation tools which can be used on-scene to triage devices, and collect evidence from witness, victim, and suspect devices. Field agents get the intelligence they need to make immediate arrest decisions, seize devices, and start building court-ready reports to share with other investigators or with the forensic lab.

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Investigate Computers And Devices

ADF’s powerful digital forensic capabilities are used in forensic labs around the world to investigate all types of cybercrime. Forensic Examiners can create detailed Search Profiles to quickly uncover the evidence that matters and tie a suspect to the keyboard in a detailed timeline view.

Digital Forensic Examiner using ADF forensic tools to investigate digital evidence of computer and mobile devices
The All-In-One Tool to Investigate Mobile and Computer Devices

DEI PRO Field Tablet

Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO Field Tablet is the #1 automated digital forensic tool for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows. DEI PRO collects digital evidence and presents it in a timeline view to tie the user to files and artifacts creating a digital evidence collection to help you solve your investigation and reduce forensic backlogs. Available as a field tablet or as a software license key for your existing forensic machine.


Solve Faster with ADF

The Digital Forensic Platform for Field and Lab

In our digital world, there is a mountain of data in virtually every investigation. ADF’s comprehensive investigation platform provides a single, forensically sound workflow to help you get the intelligence you need fast from field to lab to prosecution.

Instant Mobile Preview

No more waiting for backups - see mobile evidence instantly to make rapid decisions on-scene.

Screenshot with OCR

Get to all types of apps by navigating as the user and capturing relevant evidence with the click of a button.

Live & Boot for Computers

Use your forensic machine or the target machine to collect evidence fast in the field or in the lab.

Automated Evidence Alerts

Powerful Search Profiles filter results to highlight evidence relevant to your case across keywords, images, videos, etc.

Analyze & Report

Full analysis for rapid decisions or deep case analysis. Share comprehensive or sanitized reports with prosecutors.

Easy to Learn

Get Certified to use ADF tools in 8-20 hours online or in-person. We empower anyone with a passion for forensics to learn ADF tools.

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