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The Pledge 1% movement is a global program that encourages and empowers companies of all sizes and at all stages of their growth to donate one percent of their equity, time, product, and/or profit to any charity of their choosing.

Culture Code - LEGEND Version for Comment

Introducing the ADF CULTURE CODE

When the ADF team came together to build our #CultureCode, we reflected back on the history of ADF and how we built a strong foundation of trust and respect. This reflection involved all of our team members and showcased what we were doing well and where we all wanted to growth. It also helped us benchmark our unique culture as well as culture aspirations.


Do you share our "Passion for Results"? As a leading cyber and digital forensics software company, ADF's mission is to empower investigators and forensic examiners to quickly and easily gather evidence, identify suspects, protect victims, and solve investigations.