Founded in 2005, ADF Solutions is a global cyber forensics leader.


ADF Solutions is the leading provider of digital forensic and media exploitation tools. These tools process and analyze Android/iOS smartphones, mobile devices, computers, external drives, drive images, and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.).


ADF triage software is all about speed, scalability, ease of use, and relevant results. The tools have a proven track record in reducing forensic backlogs, streamlining digital investigations, and rapid access to digital evidence and intelligence. Our customers include federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, military and defense agencies, Office of Inspector General offices, Attorneys General, prosecutors, and other investigative professionals worldwide.


We empower military and police forces to quickly collect and analyze digital evidence on phones, computers, and digital devices to gather intelligence and make rapid decisions in the field. 


ADF investigation tools are used: 

  • proactively to prevent terrorist incidents, secure borders, and protect forces 
  • reactively to investigate all types of cybercrime, including fraud and economic crimes, child exploitation, human trafficking, organized crime, and more. 

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A Passion for Results

ADF's powerful digital forensic software has evolved into solutions that are easy to use and easy to deploy widely which lets organizations quickly reduce and eliminate forensic backlogs - something that is valuable for digital forensic labs, high tech crime units, ICAC task forces, and organizations of all sizes that value speed. Our primary focus is serving those who serve and we view every digital forensic examiner, investigator, detective, and special agent as important in our mission of helping serve the justice community.

Solving Digital Investigations with Intelligence

Mobile Device Investigator® - Get instant mobile preview, take mobile screenshots, and analyze Android and iOS devices. Digital Evidence Investigator® - Comprehensive forensic investigation software used in the lab and the field for fast collection, analysis, and reporting. ADF PRO Tools - Combine the power of Mobile Device Investigator with any of ADF's top computer triage and forensic tools.


Do you share our "Passion for Results"? As a leading cyber and digital forensics software company, ADF's mission is to empower investigators and forensic examiners to quickly and easily gather evidence, identify suspects, protect victims, and solve investigations.