U.S. Customs and Border Protection is charged with securing the nation’s borders and ensuring that trade and travel regulations are followed. They detect, identify, prohibit, and apprehend individuals with ties to terrorism. They also police the smuggling of humans, narcotics, weapons, bulk cash, etc. Customs and Border Patrol Agents rely on rugged forensic kits to quickly collect evidence on scene.

Solve Your Border Investigations

Secure The Border

Secure the border from the air and sea and solve narcotics, smuggling, and illegal importation investigations. Using ADF, agents can enhance their mission's effectiveness, acquire additional intelligence, and relieve agents from tedious tasks.

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Solve Your Border Investigations

Solve investigations such as:

  • Terrorism
  • Child exploitation
  • Human Trafficking
  • Illegal exports
  • Narcotics smuggling
  • Money laundering
  • Financial fraud, and Trade fraud

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DEI PRO For Field Forensics

The DEI PRO Field Tablet puts the power of a forensic lab in the hands of agents so they can quickly respond and resolve investigations in the field. With DEI PRO, border patrol agents can rapidly scan, extract, and analyze critical intelligence and perform forensic triage on mobile devices. 


ADF Supports Border Patrol Agents

CBP agents can have the proper tools to detect evidence on mobile devices that may further help the apprehension of individuals smuggling drugs such as fentanyl. DEI PRO allows agents to conduct their investigations at the border and ports of entry without submitting devices to CBP laboratories when individuals trained in digital forensics are not available. 

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Solve Your Border Investigations Faster

Border Security Solutions: Keeping America Safe

CBP policies allow agents to conduct searches on individuals entering and exiting U.S. borders and ports of entry. CBP searches are essential to help detect evidence of terrorism and other national security matters and crimes. ADF supports national security with DEI PRO which can be downloaded onto a tablet to assist with on-scene border investigations.

Digital Forensic Triage with ADF Tools

Learn how ADF Solutions empowers front-line field investigators and lab examiners to investigate on-scene or in the lab to quickly preview evidence on-scene, seize the appropriate devices, take a suspect into custody, identify any and all victims and prioritize devices in the lab.