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As a leading cyber and digital forensics software company, ADF's mission is to empower investigators and forensic examiners to quickly and easily gather evidence, identify suspects, protect victims, and solve investigations. 


ADF serves those who serve ... investigators working in the field, on-scene, and in the forensic lab.  We're the global leader in automated triage, digital forensic software, and media exploitation tools. Our clients use ADF software to run automated scans of mobile devices, computers, and devices in the field (on-site triage) or in the lab to quickly identify and prioritize the analysis of devices that contain contraband. 


ADF was founded in 2006 and over the years we developed an outstanding culture of service and excellence. In 2020 we reflected on everything we had accomplished and turned an eye toward the future. This provided the ADF team with an opportunity to build a mission-driven culture code.  If you are interested in building a career at ADF, we encourage you to become familiar with our #CultureCode and learn how we're #AllinForensics


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