The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) is at the forefront of combating global human trafficking. ATII harnesses the power of corporate social responsibility by working with organizations to raise awareness, build intelligence, and foster technology advancements and strategic data collaboration to help stop human trafficking. ATII's goal is simple - to disrupt the operations, economics and anonymity of Human Trafficking at the source.

Prioritizing the Human in Human Trafficking

Cryptocurrency Traces

ADF analyzes cryptocurrency traces to help agencies intervene in criminal access to financial markets inhibiting traffickers who exploit the vulnerabilities of society.

Crypto Enhancements

Custom Human Trafficking Search Profile

ADF is at the front line helping ATII follow money and fight slavery with features such as custom search profiles for human trafficking evidence.

Human Trafficking - Webinar Screenshot Search Profile

Analyze Human Trafficking Evidence

Law enforcement agencies can analyze and report on crucial human trafficking evidence for their case.

Human Trafficking - Webinar Screenshot Summary

Join the Mission

Join the mission to #FollowMoneyFightSlavery - a collaborative investigative approach that provides the greatest probability for victim recovery and justice served.

Human Trafficking Month Week 1 (TW)
Solve Human Trafficking Cases Faster

Human Trafficking Task Forces Need Fast Field Forensic Software

Internet Crimes Against Children are growing exponentially. ICAC Task Forces are at the front lines and need the best digital forensic tools. Learn more about child exploitation cases and how digital forensics empowers ICAC Task Forces.

Solving Human Trafficking Investigations On-Scene

Human Trafficking can often be a component of financial crimes, child exploitation cases, and other types of crimes so this webinar will teach law enforcement agents how to quickly extend their investigations to help quickly identify possible human trafficking or further their human trafficking case beginning on-scene.

Request the Human Trafficking Search Profiles