Military leaders tasked with protecting a nation understand the value of gathering field intelligence quickly and efficiently. ADF has been a leading choice for Sensitive Site Exploitation for more than a dozen years.

The Fastest Military Site Exploitation Tools

Rapid Field Operations

ADF's Triage-G2 and Triage-G2 PRO product enable field operators to rapidly collect and exploit captured equipment, media & documents.

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Investigate Counterterrorism, Force protection, Information warfare, and National security needs

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Operators can acquire and analyze all aspects of a sensitive site including digital photography, documents, and electronic media from mobile phones, computers and devices.

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Triage-G2® For Your Operations

Triage-G2® is the leading digital forensic triage software typically deployed in Biometric Kits for Sensitive Site Exploitation.

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Sensitive Site Exploitation_ Speed and Targeting
Counter-Terrorism Needs Fast Field Forensic Software

Empowering First Responders with Digital Intelligence Tools to Fight Terrorism

Learn more about the importance of sensitive site exploitation and tactical exploitation for counter-terrorism efforts and how Triage-G2 PRO aids in the field.

Intro to Triage-G2

Collect DOMEX intel in under two minutes with the number one plug and play DOMEX tool. Special Operators Depend on Triage-G2 for Intelligent Media Exploitation - it's not just a triage download, it's the pocket-sized fully-automated media exploitation tool used by special forces, military and intelligence agencies worldwide to rapidly scan, extract and analyze critical intelligence from computers and digital devices.