The modern workplace demands more than just physical security. Today, corporations face complex threats, both internal and external, that require sophisticated investigative capabilities. From fraud and IP theft to financial crimes and employee misconduct, protecting your business and people requires a comprehensive approach.

Corporate Investigations

Protect Your Company

Protect yourself from insider threat, brand theft, intellectual property theft, or corporate fraud.

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Investigate RegEx

Companies of all sizes benefit from the forensically sound collection of digital evidence to prove:What happened, When it happened, and Who was involved

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Analyze Devices

Use ADF tools to process and analyze smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android) computers (MacOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS), external drives, drive images, and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.).

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Deploy DEI PRO

Digital Evidence Investigator PRO is easy to learn and deploy across teams which means your investigators can provide legal and HR teams with information to help them make quick decisions to benefit and protect the company.

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Financial Crimes (Twitter Post)

Solving Financial Crimes: Preparing for a Financial Crime Investigation

Whether you are investigating human resource violations or financial crimes, getting to the data you need can be a little easier than you thought. Don't let the crime or the technical aspect overwhelm you.

Solving Financial Crimes

Fraud and economic crimes are now common occurrences in corporations, nonprofits, universities, and government agencies. Corporate and private investigators face the daunting task of responding to fraud and economic crimes quickly in order to preserve evidence and prevent harm to additional individuals, organizations, or governments.