Solve intelligence operations such as counterintelligence, and imagery intelligence with ADF Software. Agents provided with ADF forensic kits are equipped to inventory, acquire and analyze all aspects of intelligent evidence including digital photography, documents, and electronic media from mobile phones, computers, and devices.

Solve Your Intelligence Cases

Rapid Field Operations

ADF's Triage-G2 and Triage-G2 PRO product enable field operators to rapidly collect and exploit captured equipment, media & documents.


Create Summary Reports

Investigate intelligence cases such as counterintelligence and imagery intelligence.

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ADF Helps with Intelligence Cases

Operators can acquire and analyze all aspects of a sensitive site including digital photography, documents, and electronic media from mobile phones, computers and devices.

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Triage-G2 For Your Intelligence Cases

Triage-G2® is the leading digital forensic triage software typically deployed in Biometric Kits for Sensitive Site Exploitation.

Counter-Terrorism Needs Fast Field Forensic Software

Empowering First Responders With Digital Intelligence Tools To Fight Terrorism

Learn more about the importance of sensitive site exploitation and tactical exploitation for counter-terrorism efforts and how Triage-G2 PRO aids in the field.

Intro to Triage-G2

Collect DOMEX intel in under two minutes with the number one plug and play DOMEX tool. Special Operators Depend on Triage-G2 for Intelligent Media Exploitation - it's not just a triage download, it's the pocket-sized fully-automated media exploitation tool used by special forces, military and intelligence agencies worldwide to rapidly scan, extract and analyze critical intelligence from computers and digital devices