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African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and ADF - Solving Wildlife Trafficking Investigations in Kenya and Uganda

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By partnering with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), ADF Solutions is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art digital forensic tools and comprehensive training to empower law enforcement agencies and wildlife conservation advocates in their relentless pursuit of identifying and prosecuting individuals involved in the heinous crime of illegal wildlife trafficking networks.


In the challenging scenario where AWF investigators find themselves in the field, facing potential wildlife trafficking suspects, they can wholeheartedly rely on the cutting-edge DEI PRO Field Tablet to gather the crucial evidence they need. With its innovative Live Preview Mode, investigators can access digital content instantly, eliminating the need to wait for time-consuming backups or imaging processes.

The DEI PRO Field Tablet is equipped to efficiently scan a wide range of devices, including iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows, enabling swift collection of digital evidence. Furthermore, its advanced analysis capabilities allow investigators to visualize the evidence in a comprehensive timeline view, effectively connecting the user to pertinent files and artifacts.

AWF’s Manager of Cybercrime Investigations Ernest Agina expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "To effectively combat wildlife trafficking, we must leverage technology and partnerships that enable us to gather critical intelligence and evidence. ADF Solutions' expertise and tools will significantly enhance our capabilities, enabling us to better understand the complex networks driving this illegal trade and enabling us to take decisive action. We look forward to working together to protect Africa's wildlife and promote a sustainable future for the continent."

By leveraging the power of technology, ADF Solutions, in collaboration with the African Wildlife Foundation, is at the forefront of combating wildlife trafficking, ensuring that those who exploit and harm our precious wildlife face the full force of the law. Together, we strive to safeguard the natural heritage of Kenya and Uganda, protecting these invaluable ecosystems for generations to come.

International Justice Mission (IJM) and ADF - Investigating Forced Labor and Human Trafficking in Thailand


By supporting IJM, ADF Solutions demonstrates its unwavering commitment to championing justice and human rights worldwide. IJM is a remarkable organization that tirelessly works to shield vulnerable individuals in poverty-stricken communities from the clutches of violence. Through their heroic efforts, they rescue victims, hold criminals accountable, provide essential support to survivors, and collaborate with local law enforcement agencies to cultivate a secure and sustainable future.

ADF Solutions recognizes the profound significance of aligning with IJM's mission. Their collaboration represents an unparalleled dedication to effecting lastingTogether Against Human Trafficking IJM + ADF (Twitter Post) change in the face of global human rights challenges. With a shared vision of a world free from oppression, ADF Solutions stands shoulder to shoulder with IJM, leveraging their technical expertise to empower Thai law enforcement partners in conducting thorough investigations into cases of forced labor and human trafficking, with a particular focus on digital evidence. This strategic partnership enables IJM to amplify its impact, bringing tangible justice to real individuals whose lives have been ravaged by these heinous crimes.

When organizations, governments, and nonprofits unite in a common cause, the potential for transformative change becomes immeasurable. ADF Solutions recognizes the power of collaboration and the immense impact it can have on the lives of those most in need. By joining forces with IJM, they strive to create a world where justice is not a luxury, but a fundamental right for all. Together, they are paving the way towards a brighter, more equitable future, where the vulnerable are protected, survivors find solace and strength, and communities can thrive in safety and stability.

"We’re grateful for the partnership with ADF Solutions," remarked Andrew Wasuwongse, IJM Thailand Country Director. “ADF Solutions strengthens IJM's technical capacities to support our Thai law enforcement partners in conducting investigations into cases of forced labor and human trafficking, specifically through digital evidence. When companies, governments, and non-profits work together, we have the chance of making a real impact in real cases, which in turn impacts and extends protection to real lives.”


  • "ADF is an incredibly easy-to-use forensic software that allows us the ability to collect actionable intelligence in the field.  Additionally, ADF has significantly reduced the time it takes to complete our forensic caseload by over 80%; Not only saving time but more importantly, saving lives." - Stephen Komorek, API Consulting Group

  • "I recently completed the one-day "Mobile Device Investigator" training to learn how to use ADF's MDI product. The trainer was easy to follow, the visuals were well done, we had our own laptop and tablet provided to us for the training, and when the class was done we knew how to use the product with confidence. I liked that there was a knowledge test at the end, also. I recommend this training to anyone who will use this product for cell phone investigations." - Suzanne Benedict, Private Detective

  • "Great tool to support LE in digital investigations and we all know getting evidence to put predators behind bars has become more difficult but with this skills set and tools are built to make it easier." - James DuPell, Task Force Member with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative
  • "We have had a job this week where DEI has saved us SO much time. We have the CAID hash sets in the case profile and it picked out 14K on one hard drive! It has been so useful as we have had thousands of hits on loads of other drives that were seized and we are using DEI to report these."
  • "To start with, the install was extremely simple and I had no issues with the install and setup. I like how the user interface that you start out on gives you descriptions on what each option can execute. From the main interface, I went to scan devices and images and it was easy to understand how to upload an image and understand what the interface was asking for. I think most people would find this tool easy to understand."

  • "I started with a quick, general profiling scan and it finished very quickly. I then did a comprehensive general profiling scan and I was able to see the photos and view the timeline. Even though I could not see the photos with the quick scan, I can see how a quick scan could be of use if you needed to see the general contents of a drive quickly."

  • "Even though the intermediate and comprehensive scans took longer than the quick scan, I still think they were completed fast. I like how there are eleven options to pick from on how you want the information to be scanned, this makes it much easier when you are trying to find a certain kind of data on the drive."

  • "Another aspect that I really like is that you can go back and look at previous scans. You can scan in a few different ways, if needed, and then go back and look at all the results. The scan results section is also very easy to understand and navigate. I noticed you can also delete a result, and I like that in case a mistake is made."

  • "I really like the report feature and how you can choose to include certain records and choose to not include certain records, instead of just dumping everything into a report. Another feature I really enjoyed was the timeline feature. I think that this tool is very easy to use and easy to navigate, especially for someone like myself, who is only familiar with a few forensic tools."

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Si Biles, co-host of the Forensic Focus podcast, reviews DEI PRO, ADF Solution’s automated digital forensic tool to collect files and artifacts and present the evidence in a timeline view.

The Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO Field Tablet combines ADF's automated digital forensic software capabilities for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows with the power and reliability of Dell Latitude Tablets for front-line field agents.

The DEI PRO Field Tablet puts the power of a forensic lab in the hands of digital first responders so they can quickly collect digital evidence and analyze it in a timeline view to tie the user to files and artifacts. 

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We know that digital forensics can be complex and time-consuming, and that's why we at ADF Solutions have been committed to making it easier for our customers.

Our cutting-edge mobile forensics solution, Mobile Device Investigator® (MDI), has been meticulously crafted to empower investigators with the ability to swiftly and effortlessly unearth crucial evidence and invaluable insights from mobile devices. By seamlessly streamlining the investigative process, MDI not only saves investigators precious time but also optimizes their utilization of resources. With its intuitive interface and advanced capabilities, our revolutionary software revolutionizes the field of digital forensics, ensuring a seamless and efficient investigative experience.

But don't just take our word for it. We received a great review from Brett Shavers, founder of DFIR Training and a highly respected digital forensics expert.