DEI PRO Field Tablet

The All-in-One Tool to Investigate Mobile and Computer Devices

The Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO Field Tablet combines ADF's automated digital forensic software capabilities for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows with the power and reliability of Dell Latitude Tablets for front-line field agents.

The DEI PRO Field Tablet puts the power of a forensic lab in the hands of digital first responders so they can quickly collect digital evidence and analyze it in a timeline view to tie the user to files and artifacts. 

Investigators reviewing an ADF Digital Evidence Investigator case report on-scene

Intro to the DEI PRO Field Tablet

Watch this 8-minute video which showcases the features of the portable Dell Latitude loaded with Digital Evidence Investigator PRO. Go on-scene with the power of a forensic lab. 

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Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO Forensic Field Tablet Case

DEI PRO Field Tablet

Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme Tablet

Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO Field Tablet is the all-in-one digital forensic, triage and media exploitation solution for collecting digital evidence in cybercrime, built on the rugged and reliable Dell Latitude. 

  • Advanced logical acquisition of iOS/Android data up to 4GB per minute
  • Live Preview Mode - View phone content immediately without waiting for a backup or imaging to finish
  • Image live macOS computers via our remote agent and create an AFF4 logical image
  • Scan full mobile device acquisitions and detect keychain/keystore files (GrayKey, UFED)
  • Screen Recording for Android and iOS Devices (up to Android 14 and iOS 16)
  • Screenshots: auto-scroll when taking screenshots of long pages on Android
  • Screenshot: support for the Developer Mode on iOS 16 and Android 14
  • Scan and acquisition support for iOS 16 and Android 14
  • Prepare CK: ability to borrow license tokens for Collection Keys
  • Scan & Image: discover remote Mac OS agents automatically
  • Capture and organize screenshots of connected mobile devices while navigating with automatic processing to extract and index text for search, annotation and reporting
  • Recover call records, messages, saved contacts and calendar data
  • Recover WiFi connections, installed applications and Android user accounts
  • Recover pictures, videos, audio files, documents and user-defined file types
  • Recover database files and Property Lists for later review
  • Recover browsers, browsing history, download history, search terms, form data, bookmarks, more
  • Capture Revolut mobile app data and organize it in a financial transactions table (iOS)
  • Search for specific information using keywords, regular expressions, hash values and PhotoDNA
  • Identify files or artifacts containing terms related to child exploitation
  • iOS devices: Automatically encrypt backup to obtain more data
  • Capture RAM and volatile memory
  • Rapidly search suspect media using large hash sets (>100 million), including VICS 2.0 and CAID
  • Find relevant files and artifacts using powerful keyword and regular expression search capability
  • Collect password protected and corrupted files for later review
  • Collect iOS backups on target computers
  • Recover deleted records from apps using the SQLite database
  • Supports collection of artifacts from Windows and macOS (including T2 and M1 chips)
  • Image drives out-of-the-box with image verification and imaging log file
  • Recover images from unallocated drive space
  • Recover and process deleted partitions
  • Detect and warn of BitLocker and FileVault2 protected drives
  • Search and collect emails: MS Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail 10, Apple Mail
  • Highly configurable artifact and file collection including web browser cached files, social media, P2P, Cryptocurrency, cloud storage, user login events, anti-forensic traces, saved credentials, files shared via Skype, USB history, user connection log, etc.
  • Investigate attached devices, live powered on computers, boot scans from powered off computers, forensic images, contents of folders and network shares (including NAS devices)
  • Prepare a Collection Key without Search Profiles to select Captures just before a scan
  • Use password and recovery key to decrypt and scan or image BitLocker volumes including those using the new AES-XTS encryption algorithm introduced in Windows 10
  • Process APFS partitions, NTFS, FAT, HFS+, EXT, ExFAT, and YAFFS2 file systems, compute MD5 and SHA1 on collected files for integrity validation
  • Leverage the powerful boot capability (including UEFI secure boot and Macs) to access internal storage that cannot easily be removed from computers
  • Scan Setup: define time range of data collection, define collection per app in a Search Profile, select Captures and apps before a live or boot scan and exclude folders from the scan
  • Scan Setup: deploy user-created Captures to the Collection Key when not using Search Profiles
  • Scan Setup: direct access to the new Capture screen
  • Image: use new and simplified data container to store Mac logical images (no more experimental AFF4-L)
  • Image: create new log files for logical images
  • Scan: process logical images from the new data container

  • View results while a scan is running, and filter search results with sorting and search capabilities (dates, hash values, tags, text filters
  • View chat conversations with bubbles to easily identify senders / receivers with message threads
  • View pictures and videos organized by visual classes such as people, faces, currency, weapons, vehicles, indecent pictures of children
  • View links between files of interest and user’s activities such as recently access files, downloaded files, attachments, and more
  • View highlighted encrypted files in the scan summary
  • Viewer: the ability to redact previews when exporting a report
  • Viewer: undock Frames panel tab
  • Inspect video using ADF's comprehensive video preview and frame extraction
  • Automatically tag hash and keyword matches
  • Leverage Facial Analysis and Age Detection to sort and identify images of infants, toddlers, children, adults
  • Define new file types and select individual ones to be processed
  • Display provenance, including comprehensive metadata, of all relevant files and artifacts
  • Reorder or disable post-scan tasks (classification of pictures, videos, or entity extraction)

DEI PRO lets you create a standalone portable viewer for further analysis and reporting for prosecutors and other investigators.

  • Precisely select which files and artifacts to export
  • Customize your report to show specific columns and redact pictures
  • Present information in a table or list
  • Include original files or previews only
  • HTML and PDF reporting options
  • Export to other forensics applications with VICS / Project VIC (JSON) or CSV formats
  • Share scan results with a portable standalone viewer
  • Dell Latitude 7230 Extreme Rugged Tablet licensed with Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO Software and with 12th generation Intel® i7 Core™, 16GB RAM, 1TB (or 2TB) SSD drive
  • One Portable Travel Case
  • One Licensed Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO Software Authentication Key
  • 1TB External SSD Collection Drive
  • One 4 Port USB Hub
  • One USB-A to USB-C adapter
  • One Adapter USB-C to Ethernet and 3 USB-A
  • One Ethernet Cable
  • One Cable USB-A to USB-C
  • One Cable USB-C to USB-C
  • PelicanTM case
  • Software Maintenance and Support

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Tested for every condition

  • Drop-tested from up to 4 feet.
  • Temperatures up to 63°C/145°F are no sweat.
  • Works in -29ºC/-20ºF weather.
  • IP-65 rated for maximum protection against dust, dirt and water ingress.
  • Less than 2.8lbs/1.3kgs starting weight


Glove touch capable true 12" 16:10 aspect ratio screen with 13% more active screen area. With the biggest screen area in a 12" fully-rugged tablet, and a 1200-nit direct-sunlight-viewable-display, everywhere outside can be your office.

Enhanced performance in the field

Give a boost to field performance with 12th Gen Intel® CPUs and handle even the most demanding field applications with NVMe SSDs up to 2TB, up to 32GB memory and integrated Intel® Iris® Xe graphics.

Experience faster transfer speeds, charging and video output over a single connection with two Thunderbolt 4 USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C ports. And work without interruptions with a hot swappable 36 Whr battery.


Premium Keyboard | Active Pen | Rigid Tablet Handle | Shoulder Strap | Rotating Hand Strap

Course Length

18 Hours: Learners typically take approximately 18 hours to successfully complete the exercises and the final certification exam.

Course Outline

  • Introductions and getting started with Digital Evidence Investigator
  • Triage and field use cases
  • Preserving digital evidence and the boot process
  • Installation and preparing a collection key
  • Introduction to the DEI user interface
  • Using a collection key to extract digital evidence
  • Case Study 1: Child Exploitation - Quick Scan
  • Case Study 2: Child Exploitation - Targeted Folders
  • Case Study 3: Internet Scam
  • Case Study 4: Suspected Terrorism
  • File Identification
  • Case Study 5: Search Profile Lab
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Final Exam 

PRO Module: Mobile Device Investigator

  • Overview and terminology
  • Connecting a mobile device
  • Conducting a scan
    • Taking Screenshots
    • Search Profiles
    • Creating backups
  • Creating Mobile Search Profiles
  • Analyzing Mobile Evidence  
  • PRO Module Final Exam


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"The quickness and user interface, as well as the ability to shape the triage and target certain types of investigations, have impressed everyone."

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