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Adding Project Vic Hashes to a Search Profile

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on March 15, 2019
Richard T. Frawley
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Add Project VIC Hashes to a Search ProfileWhen investigating crimes against children cases, Project Vic data sets and Digital Evidence Investigator® (DEI) goes hand in hand. DEI gives investigators and examiners the ability to categorize image and video media fast -- which is paramount in the fight against child exploitation. Whether you are and ICAC, CAC, or affiliate task force DEI is the best tool to help you solve internet crimes against children. In this short 6-minute video, ADF's digital forensic trainer is going to show you how easy it is to add Project Vic datasets or hashes to a Search Profile.

At this point you have started to create your own Search Profile and want to add your own unique hashes. Digital Evidence Investigator® can search for files by hash value(s) using MD5 or SHA1 hash values. and can be added three ways. You can:

  1. Point at a directory containing the files you wish to hash
  2. Import an existing CSV or txt file
  3. Import a VICS formatted JSON file.

It is possible to import Project Vic formatted JSON files containing hash values. Project VIC JSON files containing category information will auto-tag matching files during a scan with that category number, kick-starting your investigation and reporting.

Adding Proj Vic Data

Targeted folders may be used to limit the extent of the digital forensic scan making it run faster. These can be used to limit the search to areas where digital evidence is likely to exist, such as in the User Profiles, a perfect setting for search warrant and consent scans. This together with the Files Referenced by Artifact Records feature will not only tag and categorize the files but also assist in linking the user to the file. This feature is used to target files referenced by Artifact Captures, if any files are located in P2P, Email, Messages, or downloads, or have a recent file entries the artifacts will be linked to the file.

A more comprehensive capture can also be configured for the entire file system, including deleted and carving from unallocated, in the due diligence, "no victim left on the shelf" type scans.

Once the Project Vic data set has been imported is it now part of your capture library and does not need to be imported again, the capture is there for you to use in future custom profiles.

Learn: What is a Search Profile

This video is designed for Digital Media Investigators, Forensic Examiners and Investigators working with digital evidence on-scene or in the forensic lab. 

Topics: Crimes Against Children, ICAC, ICAC Task Force, Digital Media Investigator, How To Video, Child Exploitation

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