IACP Technology Conference Moves Online

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the International Association of Chiefs of Police moved the annual IACP Technology Conference online for 2020. The virtual event taking place June 24 and..

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What is CEM? Terminology, Law, and Technology in Australia

What is CEM

In Australian states and territories, CEM refers to “Child Exploitation Material”, otherwise known as child abuse material, child sexual abuse material (CSAM), and child pornography. For..

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Meet Phill Moore Author of This Week in 4N6 and Think DFIR

If you haven’t yet met Phillip Moore and you’re in the digital forensics or incident response fields, you’re likely to at least know him from one of his top forensic blogs:

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What is Project VIC?

Project VIC is a nonprofit organization founded by Rich Brown and former U.S. law enforcement officials who saw the need to normalize data between digital forensic tools, software vendors, and..

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J.J. Wallia to Present at CBIT Digital Forensics Services in Australia

ADF Authorized Partner, CBIT Digital Forensics Services, based in Australia will be hosting J.J. Wallia, C.E.O and co-founder of ADF Solutions, for a presentation on the latest version of Digital..

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