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What is Project VIC?

Posted by Bret Peters on November 27, 2018
Bret Peters

Project VIC ADF Digital Forensic TriageProject VIC is a nonprofit organization founded by Rich Brown and former U.S. law enforcement officials who saw the need to normalize data between digital forensic tools, software vendors, and service providers in order to focus the community on building enhanced workflows to more rapidly identify victims of child exploitation (CSAM, CEM) and human trafficking.

Over the past eight years, the global partnership has grown beyond the United States to include VICS projects in the United Kingdom (CAID), Australia, Canada, and other countries throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Each of the country and continent projects strive to develop a national strategy which relies on the VICS standard which stands for Video Image Classification Standards.

Using VICS and CAID hashset data, law enforcement agents are empowered to more rapidly and effectively search for Indecent Images of Children (IOC), child exploitation material, human trafficking signals and perform crime scene investigations starting on-scene.  


Using ADF software, media files collected either on-site or in the lab from suspect computers, storage devices, drive images, etc., can be easily exported into a Project VIC compatible (VICS) output and imported as JSON into the Griffeye Analyze platform - functionality that further helps law enforcement agencies identify and rescue children from sexual abuse. 

ADF leverages VICS hashsets and CAID hashsets with built-in functionality for the following software products: 

Law enforcement professionals assigned to Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces (ICAC) are at the forefront of investigating child exploitation cases and many of those teams rely on ADF digital forensic and triage software to quickly identify explicit material to make on-scene arrest decisions and protect victims right from the start. 

Qualified professionals can request a trial of ADF software. 

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