Digital Forensics Age Detection and Facial Analysis

Crimes against children investigations can lead CSAM investigators to have to review thousands or even tens of thousands of images. Investigators need tools to help them find relevant evidence..

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Get Android and iOS Evidence Fast!

Do you need to acquire digital evidence from an iPhone, Android or tablet device quickly? 

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Regular Expressions that Speed Digital Investigations (Updated 2022)

Regular Expressions - (also known as "regex") are special strings representing a pattern to be matched in a search operation and they can be particularly useful in mobile and computer forensics..

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Organizing the Records View for Faster Forensic Investigations (UPDATED IN 2022)

ADF digital forensic software is known for rapid file and artifact collection but we're also widely respected for our seamless user interface. No matter whether you are using Mobile Device..

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Mobile Preview: Fast Mobile Phone Forensic Triage (UPDATED IN 2022)

Speeding your investigations has always been a primary focus for ADF Solutions and with the launch of ADF Mobile Preview capabilities, you can start looking at phone content immediately without..

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Best Mobile Device Investigator Settings for Evidence Collection (UPDATED September 2022)

In this short digital forensic How To video, Digital Forensic Specialist, Rich Frawley, walks you through the best settings for Mobile Device Investigator®. Learn how to choose the best Search..

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