What is ICCAM?

At one time or another, law enforcement agencies find themselves investigating child sexual abuse material. Now more than ever there are a variety of ways in which this material is distributed..

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Why You Need Photo Forensics

Photo forensics plays an important role in investigations. Increased access to electronic devices and growing social media platforms mean photos can be an important factor in an investigation.

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Here Are 3 Tips To Improve Your Digital Image Forensics Skills

Digital image forensics is the process of identifying and analyzing digital images for the purpose of providing legal evidence. This process can be used to investigate a wide variety of crimes,..

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Speed Digital Investigations with Multimedia

When conducting an investigation involving multimedia, the quantities of files can be quite overwhelming especially when they include Child Exploitation Material (CEM) and Child Sexual Assault..

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Using CAID Hashes in a Child Sexual Abuse Material Investigation

Digital Media Investigators throughout the United Kingdom rely on the Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) in their digital investigations involving Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

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Digital Forensics Age Detection and Facial Analysis

Crimes against children investigations can lead CSAM investigators to have to review thousands or even tens of thousands of images. Investigators need tools to help them find relevant evidence..

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