May the 4th be with you

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away (2006 to be exact and the galaxy was Maryland USA)It was a period of innovation.Computers, USBs, all kinds of devices ... Some people were committing..

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Tactical Site Exploitation of iOS and Android Devices (Updated in 2022)

Tactical site exploitation requirements cover a wide range of objectives, goals, and users. This includes digital forensics, rapid assessment (or triage) of digital data and devices, collection of..

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Using Text Analysis in Sensitive Site Exploitation

Military forward operators can benefit from text analysis and translation

ADF Solutions, the leading provider of sensitive site exploitation software, now includes the ability for military forward..

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Sensitive Site Exploitation: Speed and Targeting

Empowering front-line military operators and intelligence agents. 

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What is RAM Capture and Why does it Matter?

RAM, short for Random Access Memory, is physical hardware that temporarily stores data for quick read and write access. Think of RAM as a scratch pad you use while working; although all the..

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Sensitive Site Exploitation and Triage-G2: Just like Jack Ryan

When you find yourself looking for something to watch this season, you may find yourself scrolling through Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video to find something to watch. Choosing what to watch..

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