Live Mac Forensics: Round Out Your On-Scene Triage

When conducting on-scene triage for any type of crime it is essential to be prepared for any devices you may encounter. It is important to pre-plan and try to figure out what type and how many..

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The Power of ADF Computer Triage

ADF computer triage has long been admired for some of the best digital forensic triage capabilities on the market. Since 2006, ADF digital forensic experts have been building triage tools to empower..

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How to Use ADF Photo Probability to Speed Your Investigation

In today's digital age, the sheer volume of photo evidence available can be staggering.

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Digital Forensic Boot Scan a Mac with APFS

ADF offers the best digital forensic solution for getting relevant data from an Apple Mac laptop or desktop running APFS since it is easy to use and offers investigators a quick and easy way to..

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Learn How to Boot Scan a Microsoft Surface Pro

As a forensic investigator, there will come a time when you will come across the occasional computer that is difficult to get to the HDD and it may be encrypted by default, such as the Microsoft..

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