Why Video Forensics are Crucial for Your Security Needs: What ADF Does

Video forensic software assists in this task of analyzing and reviewing evidence obtained from a target device such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Proper video forensics software allows..

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Why Do I Need Video Forensics Tools?

Video forensics tools help forensic analysts by providing a way to enhance and analyze video footage. These tools can improve the quality of video footage, make it easier to identify objects and..

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Meet Jacob Sniff, CEO of Suspect Technologies

Suspect Technologies provides an AI platform to help law enforcement agencies accelerate and enhance their ability to protect, investigate, alert and report.

As an ADF Partner, Suspect Technologies..

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Digital Forensic Search Profiles

With more than a dozen out-of-the-box Search Profiles inside Digital Evidence Investigator® (DEI) and all the ADF digital forensic and triage tools, the ADF Digital Forensic team has created software..

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