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Why Video Forensics are Crucial for Your Security Needs: What ADF Does

Posted by Steven Valverde on October 26, 2022

Video forensic software assists in this task of analyzing and reviewing evidence obtained from a target device such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Proper video forensics software allows users to identify objects and people in the video, recreate events, and understand how a crime was committed. Video forensics tools will aid in recovering electronically stored videos from devices and filtering them in a manner that is rapid and easily accessible to users. 

ADF Video Forensics Tools

ADF’s software gives users the tools they need to master video forensics. ADF products have several features that make video forensic analysis rapid and simple. One feature is video classification which works with the use of artificial intelligence to recognize a multitude of visual classes. It can recognize and categorize these videos containing content such as people, portraits, scanned documents, US currency, and vehicles. The Classifier automatically commences in the background as soon as the scan of a device completes. Keyword searches are also available after the scan giving users the ability to search tables for keywords. This video classification feature is beneficial because it allows its users to choose the type of material they want to appear in their searches. 

An additional feature is filtering, which enables users to quickly view and document evidence and make informed decisions. The filters can be selected and applied after a scan and only wanted results will be shown. Some fields can be filtered by pre-set values or by entering text. It is also possible to filter within a Picture Width and Picture Height range. EXIF data such as Make, Model, Camera Serial Number, Date/Time, and GPS Coordinates can also be filtered.

ADF cyber forensic software is built to enable corporate security investigators to identify, recover, and analyze Electronically Stored Information (ESI) quickly and easily. Companies of all sizes benefit from the forensically sound collection of digital evidence to prove what happened when it happened, and who was involved. Corporate investigators can collect, analyze and report on compliance and digital evidence.

Protect yourself from insider threats, brand theft, intellectual property theft, or corporate fraud. Use ADF tools to process and analyze smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android) computers (macOS, Windows, Linux), external drives, drive images, and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.).

Digital Evidence Investigator PRO is easy to learn and deploy across teams which means your investigators can provide legal and HR teams with information to help them make quick decisions to benefit and protect the company.

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