How to Boot Scan a Mac with APFS and FileVault 2

In this short 4-minute Mac forensics "How To" video, ADF forensic specialist, Rich Frawley, shows you how to conduct a boot scan of a MacBook Air with APFS & FileVault2 enabled.

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Digital Forensic Boot Scan a Mac with APFS

ADF offers the best digital forensic solution for getting relevant data from an Apple Mac laptop or desktop running APFS since it is easy to use and offers investigators a quick and easy way to..

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Meet Phill Moore Author of This Week in 4N6 and Think DFIR

If you haven’t yet met Phillip Moore and you’re in the digital forensics or incident response fields, you’re likely to at least know him from one of his top forensic blogs:

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macOS Mojave Forensics

The best tools for rapid Mac forensics investigations just got better with ADF's release of new software versions to support the collection of artifacts with Mac OS Mojave Forensics and MacOS High..

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It's Easy to Collect and Analyze Digital Evidence on Apple Macs & PCs

ADF's New Forensic Software Empowers Investigators and Prosecutors

ADF Solutions, the leading provider of automated forensic software for investigators and lab examiners, announced today the release..

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