Join our Digital Forensic Specialists for regular webinars designed to illustrate best practices for starting and solving your investigations quickly on-scene or in the lab. 

Webinar: Solve Fraud & Economic Crimes

Fraud and economic crimes are now common occurrences in corporations, nonprofits, universities and government agencies. Corporate and private investigators face a daunting task of responding to fraud and economic crimes quickly in order to preserve evidence and prevent harm to additional individuals, organizations or governments.  Fraud and economic crime cases typically involve seizures of multiple computers and devices.

Join  Digital Forensic Specialist, Rich Frawley, as he leads you through fraud investigation best practices in a 45 minute webinar with time to answer your questions. Rich will showcase how investigators and Digital Crimes Units are saving time using ADF's intelligent approach to investigating cases quickly thereby reducing the need to image every device and reducing forensic backlogs.  

JOIN THE WEBINAR: Thursday, September 13, 2018 / 10:00 AM EDT

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Recording: Solving Crimes Against Children Cases

In today's digital age, child predators have ready access to our most innocent citizens. With Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces deployed across the nation, U.S. law enforcement faces a daunting task of responding to internet crimes quickly.  

ICAC investigators respond to CyberTips and desire to quickly determine if they need to confiscate devices, take a suspect into custody, and identify any and all victims.  ADF works with Project VIC and CAID data to speed investigations starting from on-scene to back in the lab and ADF software allows for auto and manual tagging for quick, thorough court ready reporting which can be shared with other investigators and prosecutors even if they don't have ADF software. 

Join Rich Frawley, our Digital Forensic Specialist, as he leads you through ICAC investigation best practices in a 45 minute webinar recording. 

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Recording: Solving Corporate Investigations in a Digital World

In a world where technology is constantly evolving to fit commercial needs the need for corporate investigators to understand digital forensics best practices has never been greater. Corporate Investigators and network analysis experts are the front lines of defense in understanding technology advances, and how to effectively investigate breaches, crimes and policy violations to protect a company's financials, employees, intellectual property, and brand.

Join Rob Attoe, CEO of Spyder Forensics, LLC and IACIS certified trainer for a one hour webinar where he shares best practices every corporate investigator needs to know.

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