Join our Digital Forensic Specialists and Trainers for regular webinars designed to illustrate digital forensic best practices for starting and solving your investigations quickly on-scene or in the lab. We utilize GoToWebinar for live and on-demand content. 

Introducing Mobile Preview: On-Scene Mobile Triage

Introducing Mobile Preview - Mobile Forensics from ADF SolutionsJoin Rich Frawley, our Digital Forensic Training Manager, to dive into the newest features of ADF digital forensic software designed to speed and improve your investigations. Our new release includes mobile preview features and more!

  • Preview Mobile Devices: Connect a mobile device and start looking at its content immediately without waiting for a backup or imaging to finish.
  • Capture Paired Bluetooth devices
  • Capture more Artifacts: including Dropbox, Reddit, Notes, eMule app
  • Scan Larger Datasets of 100+ Million Records
  • Carve Pictures from System Files: Locate and carve pictures saved in these system files pagefile.sys, swapfile.sys, hyberfil.sys.

Rich will walk you through the new features and show you how you can utilize them to make faster on-scene decisions.

Watch: ADF Mobile Preview & New Features

RECORDING: This session will be recorded and sent to all registrants following the session so if you can't attend based on time-zone or a conflict we'll send you a copy. You may also schedule a 1 on 1 demo of new features with our team by requesting a demo


Get In, Get Out, Get to Breakfast On-Time! Triage Made Easy

Today's access to technology and the Internet is unfortunately making it easier for cyber criminals to commit crimes can oftentimes go undetected. It is the job of ICAC Task Forces, high tech crime units and police leaders to find the most effective ways to fight cybercrime and protect children.  

Internet Crimes Against Children investigators must work quickly with Internet Service Providers and the Cybertips they receive to locate suspect devices and then determine if they need to confiscate devices. Fast, on-scene field decisions are a key factor in the decisions to take a suspect into custody and quickly identify and protect victims. 

Taking information from an ISP, CyberTip, or intelligence report and then utilizing it on-scene has never been easier than it is right now. Learn how to take the uniqueness found in an investigation and put it to work for you, resulting in sound decisions, targeted / relevant results, and data to keep the investigation going, and helping you reduce the backlog in your lab.

Join ADF's Director of Training, digital forensic and law enforcement veteran, Rich Frawley, to learn ICAC triage best practices for using our mobile and computer field forensic software.

Watch: ICAC Triage Made Easy

Who should attend: Law enforcement leaders, frontline police and sheriffs, field agents, ICAC Task Force members, High Tech Crime Units (HTCU), corporate and NGO leaders concerned with stopping child exploitation or speeding CSAM investigations.

Anti-Human Trafficking: Get Results On-Scene (Live: On-Demand)

Anti-Human Trafficking_ Get Results On-SceneADF Solutions’ new Anti-Human Trafficking Search Profiles were built in conjunction with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) to help law enforcement quickly identify and investigate suspected human trafficking at the scene of the crime.

Join us to learn how common issues encountered by front line agents and Anti-Human Trafficking Units can be addressed on-scene so you can quickly identify suspects and protect victims. You’ll learn how ADF tools can help you:

  • Scan phones and computers for human trafficking traces
  • Capture contacts, messages and financial exchange data 
  • Automatically tag and classify images and videos (people, faces, pornography, drugs, weapons, more)
  • Translate multilingual text to English from more than 230 languages to identify and Gist entities important to your case (people, places, drugs, weapons, more) 

Human Trafficking can often be a component of financial crimes, child exploitation cases, and other types of crimes so this webinar will teach law enforcement agents how to quickly extend their investigations to help quickly identify possible human trafficking or further their human trafficking case beginning on-scene.

Watch: Anti-Human Trafficking Webinar

Who should attend: Law enforcement leaders, frontline police and sheriffs, field agents, Anti-Human Trafficking Units, High Tech Crime Units (HTCU), Corporate and NGO leaders concerned with stopping human trafficking or Anti-Human Trafficking investigations.

A Guide to Mobile Device Investigations for Probation and Parole (Live: On-Demand)

A Guide to Mobile Device Investigations for Probation & ParoleProbation and Parole officers routinely encounter mobile devices in their course of duty. They need the right policies, procedures, tools, and training to make quick on-scene decisions.

Join Rich Frawley along with Jim Tanner, PhD, President of KBSolutions and Denise Metz, the Supervisor of Colorado's 20th's Sex Offender and Economic Crime units as they discuss the specific issues and needs of Probation and Parole officers as they relate to mobile device investigations.

Denise, Jim, and Rich will share their experience building policies and procedures to support the use of on-scene software to speed investigations. You’ll hear their experiences using mobile device investigation software to conduct examinations and solve investigations quickly. Learn best practices for rolling out new tools to your team and how to get them trained quickly.

Watch: Probation & Parole Investigations Webinar

Who should attend: Department of Justice, Probation and Parole officers or leaders that need effective tools to use on-scene to ensure compliance with probation and parole requirements.

Protecting Victims: How to Reduce Your Forensic Backlog (Live: On-Demand)

Protecting Victims - How to Reduce Your Forensic BacklogADF tools give you the ultimate flexibility to conduct examinations as you see fit. You are not pigeon-holed into using a one-dimensional scan. We use the concept of Time Based Configurability to give you the latitude to conduct the examination that your case requires. Easy to use Search Profiles let you find digital evidence in minutes with the ability to preview evidence as you collect it. 

Join us to see Digital Evidence Investigator PRO in action and learn how DEI PRO is used on-scene and back in the lab. 

  • On-Scene: The speed and flexibility to search based on the nature of your search for Suspect, Witness, or Victim, or Unknown devices. Preview and capture screenshots from mobile devices and make immediate decisions for the next steps in your case (seize devices, charge suspects, identify and protect victims, etc.). Quickly build your report while you’re in the field.
  • On-Scene to Lab: Collect relevant evidence in minutes, seize devices and continue  your investigations back in the lab or hand off prioritized evidence with initial reports to prosecutors and examiners for further investigation. 
  • In the Lab: If an investigation was started on-scene with ADF, you can pick up right where you left off. Otherwise, you can quickly triage other seized devices to determine which devices should be prioritized. 

Protect Vitims: Watch & Learn How Now

Who should attend: Investigators faced with the need to find evidence fast, or any investigators faced with needing to identify and protect victims while on-scene. Investigators who want to make arrest decisions on-scene because they are tired of waiting on a lab or another agency to investigate devices. Probation and Parole officers that need effective tools to use on-scene to ensure compliance with probation and parole requirements. Leaders of forensic labs suffering from backlogs that need to prioritize devices and interested in discovering a more effective way of handling digital evidence beginning on-scene. 

Introduction to DEI PRO Field Tablet (Live: On-Demand)

DEI PRO Field Tablet from ADF Solutions - Dell Latitude (1)The DEI PRO Field Tablet is the fastest way to empower field agents to start solving digital investigations on-scene. Learn how investigators can quickly scan iOS and Android devices for digital evidence, and extend their reach to computers, USB devices, and other digital devices.

With the ability to utilize pre-set or custom scan capabilities, investigators can collect, analyze and report on digital evidence immediately thereby allowing them to protect victims, make arrest decisions and reduce their agency's forensic backlog.

In this webinar, you'll see the DEI PRO Field Tablet built on the portable, rugged Dell Latitude 7220 and you'll learn how to:

  • Capture and organize smartphone Screen Captures with OCR text extraction and annotation
  • Create and edit Search Profiles
  • Prepare Collection Keys on-scene
  • Analyze results and prepare reports

Watch: Intro to DEI PRO Field Tablet

New Version Software Features (Live: On-Demand)

ADF New Features 5.2 2.2 Product Launch

At ADF, we are mission driven. We are delighted to serve those who serve and some of our most exciting times are when we are adding new features and capabilities, when we learn how they are being used, and of course, on launch days. We hope you'll love what we've created.

We are proud to announce our newest software release which includes updates designed to speed and improve your investigations. Join us for a webinar to introduce you to the following new features:

  • Screenshot capabilities - capture screenshots of connected devices. We automatically process, extract and index text. 
  • File and artifact capture - including TikTok on iOS, the newest Microsoft Edge Browser (Chromium Base- Windows) and the collection of application usage from iOS devices.
  • Financial Transactions Table - to support the collection of data from Revolut
  • Project VIC hashsets (2.0 format)
  • Scan & View Options - order post scan tasks
  • View Chat Bubbles - easily see sender(s) and receiver(s) 

Watch: New ADF Features Webinar

Solve Cases Faster: Learn How to Use Search Profiles to Streamline Investigations (Live: On-Demand)

Best Practices Webinar_ ADF Search Profiles IGFind digital evidence fast with ADF’s rapid search capabilities. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use ADF’s out-of-the-box and Custom Search Profiles to quickly collect files and artifacts.

Join Digital Forensic Specialist and Trainer Rich Frawley to learn:

  • When to use ADF built-in Search Profiles
  • How to customize Search Profiles to fit your investigation
  • How to easily import and export Search Profiles to focus your team’s searches
  • How to use Search Profiles across task force units

Using ADF Search Profiles helps law enforcement improve the effectiveness of search warrants and streamlines both field and lab investigations of fraud, child exploitation / CSAM, counterterrorism, etc.  

Watch: ADF Search Profiles Webinar

Investigating Child Exploitation Cases (Live: On-Demand)

HOW TO INVESTIGATE CHILD EXPLOITATION CASES WITH ADF MOBILE & COMPUTER SOFTWARE  (1)Mobile phones have changed the way children are exploited and computers are still a problem in the continuing fight against child exploitation. With the proliferation of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) today, investigators must use technology for good in the fight against child exploitation. Working with CyberTips, investigators must move quickly to execute search warrants, confiscate devices, take a suspect into custody, and identify victims.

ADF empowers front line field investigators and lab examiners to respond quickly to CyberTips so they can work quickly to confiscate devices, take a suspect into custody, and identify any and all victims. With Project VIC and CAID data capabilities, agents can use ADF software to quickly investigate smartphones and computers with automatic and manual tagging of CSAM.

Watch: Investigating Child Exploitation Cases

Audience: This webinar is for designed for prosecutors, forensic examiners and investigators who want to learn how to speed investigations of child exploitation cases in the field or in the lab. 

Intro to Triage-Investigator PRO (Live: On-Demand)

Intro to Triage-Investigator PRO - ADFADF Triage-Investigator® PRO is the fastest way to empower field agents to start solving digital investigations on-scene. Learn how investigators can quickly scan iOS and Android devices for digital evidence, and extend their reach to computers, USB devices, and other digital devices with a single license.

Highly trained digital evidence experts maintain control and can give field investigators pre-set scan capabilities so they can collect, analyze and report on digital evidence immediately. Give your field agents the power to triage so they can identify victims as well as suspects, and start solving investigations immediately.

In this webinar you'll learn how to:
  • Use pre-configured Search Profiles to find evidence in minutes on-scene
  • Analyze evidence with auto-categorization and tagging to speed your investigation
  • Generate a variety of reports and share with other investigators or prosecutors

Watch Intro to Triage-Investigator PRO

Audience: This webinar is designed for prosecutors, forensic examiners and investigators who want to start investigations at the scene of the crime, or need to prioritize digital evidence investigations in a digital forensic lab to reduce forensic backlogs.

Benefits of Digital Forensic Triage (Live: On-Demand)

Benefits of Triage - How to Quick Start Your Digital InvestigationLearn how to conduct an initial investigation quickly based on its scope using digital forensic triage.

Just think; if 90% of cases can be solved with 10% of the data, you have an opportunity to quickly identify and protect victims, determine suspects, and even solve your case early. Learn how triage allows you to prioritize evidence, make decisions on the need for a further deep dive into the data, or just to gain peace of mind, based on the facts. 

Watch: Benefits of Digital Forensic Triage Webinar

Audience: Law enforcement leaders, investigators, digital media investigators, forensic lab examiners and anyone interested in triage, digital evidence, or digital forensic workflows to reduce forensic backlogs.

Intro to Triage-G2 with Rosoka Entity Extraction & Gisting (Live: On Demand)

With ADF Mobile & Computer Media Exploitation Software

Intro to Triage-G2 Webinar Photo (1)-1

Triage-G2 now with Rosoka Entity Extraction and Gisting capabilities is ADF's award-winning media exploitation tool  deployed by special forces, military and intelligence agencies worldwide. The tool has a proven track record supporting site exploitation operations (including DOMEX, MEDEX, Tactical Media Exploitation, and bio-metric identity).
Our resident Digital Forensic Specialist, Rich Frawley, will walk you through Triage-G2 and best practices for site exploitation.

Collect DOMEX intel in under two minutes with the number one plug and play DOMEX tool

  • Capture RAM and volatile memory
  • Rapid field analysis with picture and video classification (people, faces, currency, weapons, vehicles, etc.

Special Operators Depend on Triage-G2 for Intelligent Media Exploitation -- it's not just a triage download, it's the pocket-sized fully-automated media exploitation tool used by special forces, military and intelligence agencies worldwide to rapidly scan, extract and analyze critical intelligence from computers and digital devices.

Watch: Intro to Triage-G2

Field Forensics for the Front Line (Live: On-Demand)

Field Forensics for the Front Line (1)Learn how Law Enforcement leaders are empowering front line field agents with Mobile Device Investigator™ (MDI), the easy-to-use field forensic tool that's easy to learn and deploy. Field agents are using MDI for consent searches and rapid evidence collection on-scene which means the investigation can start immediately. Victims can be identified and protected faster, and suspects can be more rapidly identified and investigated -- right from the start.

MDI is a digital investigation tool built from the ground up to leverage ADF Solutions’ powerful digital forensic investigation platform so you can empower your field professionals to quickly conduct Android and iOS investigations on-scene. Join Digital Forensic and Trainer, Rich Frawley, to see how MDI empowers front-line investigators to:

+ Collect - quickly determine smartphone evidence that is relevant to your case
+ Analyze - visualize and save case specific items of evidentiary value
+ Report - create prosecutorial ready reports to back up your decisions

Watch Field Forensics for the Front Line

Audience: This webinar is for designed for field agents and police leaders who want to learn how to speed investigations by empowering front-line law enforcement professionals. 

Introducing Mobile Device Investigator® for iOS and Android Digital Forensic Investigations (Live: On-Demand)

Intro to Mobile Device Investigator for iOS Android Digital Forensics

With an ever increasing number of adults owning a smartphone, it is no wonder that more and more crimes now commonly require mobile device evidence collection and analysis.

Mobile Device Investigator®, is a new digital investigation tool built from the ground up to leverage ADF Solutions’ powerful digital forensic investigation platform. Mobile Device Investigator (MDI) enables anyone to quickly conduct iOS and Android investigations on-scene or in the lab. Whether you are handling Child Exploitation cases, fraud, terrorism or performing any type of investigation, Mobile Device Investigator is the new powerful tool you’ll want in your toolkit.  

Watch: Intro to Mobile Device Investigator

Audience: This webinar is for designed for field investigators and police leaders who want to learn how to speed investigations by empowering front-line law enforcement professionals. 

Intro to DEI - Digital Evidence Investigator® (Live: On-Demand)

Product Logo-DEIDigital Evidence Investigator® (DEI) is the industry leading digital investigation tool that leverages ADF’s proven track record of reducing forensic backlogs. Now you can conduct intelligent digital investigations easier, faster and smarter.

Our resident Digital Forensic Specialist, Rich Frawley, will walk you through DEI and show you best practices for getting started solving your investigation with DEI. 

Audience: This webinar is specifically designed for digital forensic investigators, forensic examiners, and High Tech Crime Units (HTCU) or ICAC Task Force members who seek to rapidly collect, analyze and report on digital evidence found as a result of a crime or an investigation. 

Watch: Intro to DEI

Solving Fraud & Economic Crimes (Live: On-Demand)

Solving Fraud and Economic Crimes - Rich Frawley ADF digital forensicsFraud and economic crimes are now common occurrences in corporations, nonprofits, universities and government agencies. Corporate and private investigators face a daunting task of responding to fraud and economic crimes quickly in order to preserve evidence and prevent harm to additional individuals, organizations or governments.  Fraud and economic crime cases typically involve seizures of multiple computers and devices.

Join  Digital Forensic Specialist, Rich Frawley, as he leads you through fraud investigation best practices in a 45 minute webinar with time to answer your questions. Rich will showcase how investigators and Digital Crimes Units are saving time using ADF's intelligent approach to investigating cases quickly thereby reducing the need to image every device and reducing forensic backlogs.  

Watch: Solving Fraud & Economic Crimes

Solving Corporate Investigations in a Digital World (Live: On-Demand)

Solving Corporate Investigations in a Digital World with Rob Attoe - ADF SolutionsIn a world where technology is constantly evolving to fit commercial needs the need for corporate investigators to understand digital forensics best practices has never been greater. Corporate Investigators and network analysis experts are the front lines of defense in understanding technology advances, and how to effectively investigate breaches, crimes and policy violations to protect a company's financials, employees, intellectual property, and brand.

Join Rob Attoe, CEO of Spyder Forensics, an IACIS certified trainer for a one hour webinar where he shares best practices every corporate investigator needs to know.

Watch: Solving Corporate Investigations