In today's digital age, virtually every crime brings with it the potential for an abundance of digital evidence. Since solving crime starts on-scene, ADF created the best selling Digital Evidence Investigator PRO — perfect for jump starting your investigation on-scene.

Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement

Solve Cases Faster

Law enforcement agents rely on DEI PRO to solve crimes involving: Child Exploitation, Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Gang and Violent Crimes, Terrorism & Mass Casualty, Fraud & Cybercrime

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Analyze Image Excerpts

Lab Examiners and Digital Forensic experts can maintain control and expand their field capabilities at the same time by analyzing image excerpts from forensic image analysis of mobile and computer devices.

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Reduce Forensic Backlogs

ADF tools are easy-to-use, learn and deploy across large teams which means your agents can make field decisions to identify suspects and protect victims. In addition, you'll reduce your forensic backlogs.

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Filter Scan Results

Your field agents will know just what devices to seize to bring back the lab and your examiners will know right where to start their investigation.

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Solve Your On Scene Investigations Faster

5 Tips for Getting the Right Digital Investigation Software

Digital investigation software is important because it helps investigators and examiners quickly identify evidence on scene or in a lab by decreasing their manual search time for digital evidence such as text messages, photos, browser history, and cryptocurrency traces.

Digital Forensic Triage with ADF Tools

Learn how ADF Solutions empowers front-line field investigators and lab examiners to investigate on-scene or in the lab to quickly preview evidence on-scene, seize the appropriate devices, take a suspect into custody, identify any and all victims and prioritize devices in the lab.