ADF Partners with African Wildlife Foundation for Wildlife Trafficking

Reston, VA - ADF Solutions, Inc. (ADF Solutions), a global leader in digital forensic software, has announced a strategic partnership with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to combat wildlife..

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Phones, Drones, and Automobiles: Cross-Platform Digital Forensics

Getting the "big picture" of a case is challenging when digital forensic data is spread across different disparate evidence types or a large of media sources. Experts from several leading forensic..

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Digital Evidence: Combating Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking

The Global Forensic and Justice Center hosted a panel on The Value of Digital Evidence in Combatting Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking. The panelists included:

  • Alexandria Wong, Digital Media (

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Preview and Collect Digital Evidence with Mobile Device Investigator

With an ever-increasing number of adults owning a smartphone, it is no wonder that more and more crimes now commonly require mobile device evidence collection and analysis. The need for digital..

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What is On-Scene Digital Forensic Triage?

Digital Forensic Triage is the process of finding digital evidence important for investigations.

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How to Prepare Multiple Evidence Collection Keys (UPDATED August 2022)

Are you ready for a big one? Anticipating what your evidence collection needs will be while you are on-scene includes trying to ascertain how many electronic devices you will encounter. ADF makes it..

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