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How to Prepare Multiple Evidence Collection Keys (UPDATED August 2022)

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on September 3, 2020
Richard T. Frawley

Are you ready for a big one? Anticipating what your evidence collection needs will be while you are on-scene includes trying to ascertain how many electronic devices you will encounter. ADF makes it easy for you to be prepared. 

Preparing multiple digital evidence collection keys to include in your investigator "go-bag" will ensure you're ready for investigations of all sizes. How to prepare multiple collection keys

So what do we have in that bag? When it comes to on-scene investigations with any of the ADF suite of tools, the need for hardware is minimal depending on what you are going to encounter. You'll need:

ADF has different licensing methods to allow for either one licensed Collection Key or multiple Collection Keys with one license, giving you maximum flexibility. With either method when you prepare multiple Collection Keys in advance you'll be prepared. 

Example: A task force was executing a warrant upon a business and expected to encounter 75 computers and wanted to determine which had devices needed to be seized, imaged, or excluded. The task force prepared 75 Collection keys and conducted RAM Capture, Live Scans, Boot scans, and imaging with one ADF authentication license key. They had anticipated several days of work but this was reduced to a single day. 

So how do we prepare that many Collection Keys with ADF applications? You are only limited by the number of USB ports you have available to you. Watch as we show you the method to prepare multiple Collection Keys to get you ready for your next field investigation. 

ADF digital forensic tools are designed to be easy to use and easy to learn which is why they are a widely adopted by field forensic teams, high tech crime units and specialized teams investigating Internet Crimes Against Children, Fraud, Human Trafficking and other types of criminal activity. Qualified professionals can request a free trial of ADF digital forensic software at

Watch: How to Image on a Boot and Live Scan

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