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With the Mobile Device Investigator® Field Tablet, you can now quickly and easily collect evidence from iOS and Android devices. The MDI Field Tablet is built for front line police, sheriffs, school resource officers, field agents, and investigators. Connect a suspect device via USB port to quickly collect evidence and perform an advanced logical acquisition.

  • Easy-to-Use touchscreen forensics with the ability to collect consent form signatures 
  • Fast logical acquisition up to 4GB of data per minute
  • Live Mobile Preview - start viewing phone content immediately without waiting for a backup or imaging to finish
  • Capture and organize manual Screen Captures with text extraction and annotation
  • Search for keywords and hash values during acquisition
  • Perform a quick review of the data using the picture gallery, video frames, comprehensive filters, VICS/CAID auto-categorization, data de-duplication and whitelist elimination
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the data using the visual classification, timeline view, and view links between files of interest and user activities.
  • Create a custom report with tagged data and export reports in PDF, HTML, CSV or VICS formats
  • Share reports with investigators and prosecutors using ADF’s Standalone Viewer

Field forensics for the front line - the software delivers results fast and the MDI Field Tablet is built on the lightweight Microsoft Surface Go which makes this the best field forensic tool to deploy to field agents. 


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ADF Mobile Device Investigator Field Tablet - Microsoft Surface Go

Mobile Investigation Workflow



Quickly identify and collect digital evidence



Data analysis to correlate people, events and files



Easily and quickly generate court ready reports

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MDI Field Tablet Data Sheet - Download NowADF's Mobile Device Investigator software comes preinstalled on the MDI Field Tablet with no dongle required. 


Scan unlocked iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets) for rapid collection to speed your investigations with the best mobile phone forensic software that features out-of-the-box or custom search profiles.

  • Live Mobile Preview - start viewing phone content immediately without waiting for a backup or imaging to finish - New
  • Capture and organize screenshots of connected devices while navigating with automatic  processing to extract and index text for search, annotation, and reporting
  • Capture Revolut mobile app data and organize it in a new financial transactions table (iOS)
  • Speed your scan by prioritizing keyword indexing in the viewer to save scan time
  • Recover call records, messages, saved contacts and calendar data
  • Recover Web browsers, browsing history, download history, search terms, form data, bookmarks and cache contents
  • Recover deleted records from apps using the SQLite database
  • Recover WiFi connections, installed applications and Android user accounts
  • Recover pictures, videos, audio files, documents and user-defined file types
  • Recover database files and Property Lists for later review
  • Search for specific information using keywords, regular expressions, hash values and PhotoDNA
  • Identify files or artifacts containing terms related to child exploitation
  • Categorize files that match Project VIC or CAID datasets in real-time (VICS 2.0)
  • Comprehensive advanced logical backup using default platform backup protocol, backup agent and media transfer protocol
  • iOS devices: Automatically encrypt backup to protect collected data
  • Acquire up to 4GB of data per minute


Quickly go through the recovered data with the powerful results viewer to explore gigabytes of information in minutes.

  • View chat conversations with bubbles to easily identify the senders and receivers with “Message Thread” hyperlink to select individual conversations- New
  • Easily navigate through the recovered files and artifacts
  • View all files and artifacts in a single timeline view
  • View all similar apps on a single standardized view for faster review
  • View recovered pictures in an easy to navigate and configurable gallery view
  • Quickly eliminate pictures that are not photographs
  • View videos using MDI's comprehensive video preview and frame extraction capabilities
  • View pictures and videos organized by visual classes such as people, faces, currency, weapons, vehicles and indecent pictures of children
  • View links between files of interest and user activities such as recently accessed files, downloaded files, attachments and more
  • Filter search results with sorting and search capabilities (dates, hash values, tags, text filters and more)
  • Leverage Suspect Technologies facial analysis age detection to quickly identify infants, toddlers, children, adults 
  • Add tags and comments to document your findings
  • ADD-ON: Rosoka Entity Extraction and Language Translation Gisting (230 languages) available


Easily create comprehensive reports to highlight your findings and select the format most suitable for your audience.

  • Precisely select which files and artifacts to export
  • Customize your report to show specific columns and redact pictures
  • Present information in a table or list
  • Include original files or previews only
  • HTML and PDF reporting options
  • Export to other forensics applications with Project VIC or CSV formats
  • Share scan results with a portable standalone viewer

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Mobile Device Investigator Software Includes:

Mobile Device Investigator Field Tablet Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go licensed with Mobile Device Investigator®  Software and with Intel® Pentium® Gold Processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD

 USB cables for iOS

 USB cables for Android

 PelicanTM case

 Software Maintenance and Support

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Rosoka Add-on upgrade 230 languages for natural language processing

Mobile Device Investigator Field Tablet Microsoft Surface Go