Field Forensics for the Front LineLearn how Law Enforcement leaders are empowering front line field agents with Mobile Device Investigator® 

(MDI), the easy-to-use mobile phone forensic software tool that's easy to learn and deploy. Field agents are using MDI for consent searches and rapid evidence collection on-scene which means the investigation can start immediately. Victims can be identified and protected faster, and suspects can be more rapidly identified and investigated -- right from the start.

MDI is a digital investigation tool built from the ground up to leverage ADF Solutions’ powerful digital forensic investigation platform so you can empower your field professionals to quickly conduct Android and iOS investigations on-scene. Join Digital Forensic and Trainer, Rich Frawley, to see how MDI empowers front-line investigators to:

+ Collect - quickly determine smartphone evidence that is relevant to your case
+ Analyze - visualize and save case specific items of evidentiary value
+ Report - create prosecutorial ready reports to back up your decisions

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