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Certified Training

ADF Certified User Training is designed to help investigators and examiners quickly learn and master ADF Solutions digital forensic and triage software. The training is designed for both technical and non-technical students to prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need to use ADF software tools on-scene, in the field, or in the forensic lab.

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How To Videos

ADF Solutions has created short "how-to" videos which are designed to teach key concepts in short, easy-to-learn formats. These free videos are created and frequently updated by our digital forensic specialists and trainers that come to us with experience in investigations and law enforcement.

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Join our Digital Forensic Specialists and Trainers for regular webinars designed to illustrate digital forensic best practices for starting and solving your investigations quickly on-scene or in the lab.

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White Papers

Dive deeper into our numerous verticals and technical abilities with our white papers. Our white papers provide an overview of the mobile and computer digital forensics process, with a particular focus on the challenges and solutions that arise when processing evidence on smartphones and computers.

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