Entity Extraction, Keywords and Classification of Images and Videos (UPDATED JULY 2022)

ADF prioritizes digital evidence collection and provides investigators and examiners post-scan options to speed investigations. Post scan options let digital forensic investigators get fast and..

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Using PhotoDNA in Digital Forensics Investigations (Updated in 2022)

Digital Forensic Investigators and Examiners need to be able to find evidence quickly and one of the ways that ADF provides this capability is using PhotDNA. 

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Transferring Data With the ADF Migration Tool

Software updates are something we look forward to, and when we receive that new download from our go-to tool, it makes the day even more special. When it comes time to upgrade or re-install ADF..

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How to Use ADF Photo Probability to Speed Your Investigation

In today's digital age, the sheer volume of photo evidence available can be staggering.

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Digital Forensic Image Recognition and Classification

Front line investigators and digital forensic examiners are encountering an ever increasing number of images in almost every investigation they perform. This exponential growth in the volume of..

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What is Photo Forensics?

Photo Forensics as a term will typically refer either to the profession dedicated to authenticating digital images to determine authenticity, or, it may refer to the capability of digital forensics..

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