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Transferring Data With the ADF Migration Tool

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on December 2, 2019
Richard T. Frawley

Software updates are something we look forward to, and when we receive that new download from our go-to tool, it makes the day even more special.  When it comes time to upgrade or re-install ADF software, as a user, you do not want your data to be lost after either the software upgrade or when selecting a new Search Profile folder.

When you first start the ADF application you will notice the tool will look to see if any new data needs to be merged or migrated.

The ADF application will merge user-created data with the default data after: 

  • The application is installed and an existing installation is detected.
  • The application is upgraded.
  • A new Search Profile folder is selected.

User data that will be merged/migrated includes the following:

  • Custom Search Profiles
  • Custom File Captures
  • Added File Types
  • All Scan Results
  • User Settings

ADF will release new versions several times a year and it is important to stay up to date with software upgrades. We suggest:

  1.  Registering your software so you get timely notification of any new releases. 
  2. Checking for the latest release.
  3. Stay connected to the internet when starting the ADF application for auto update.

Migration will only work in sequential upgrades. You cannot successfully migrate more than one version at a time. If you are going to archive or store Profiles and Captures outside of the application it is suggested you import the Profiles and Captures prior to upgrading.

For scan results the best archiving method is to place the results in a Stand Alone Viewer, which will always open in the version it was created in, overcoming any backward compatibility or licensing issues. 


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