ADF Software Downloads

ADF customers can now download the installer for ADF digital forensic software products. If you're not a current ADF customer, please request a free ADF trial

Mobile Device Investigator can be added to any of our tools in a PRO bundle. Text analysis capabilities can be added with the Rosoka Add-on for entity identification and translation into English (230+ languages supported).  Pricing for all ADF tools is available 24x7 in the ADF Online Store

Data Migration Considerations

IMPORTANT: You should contact if you are running a version prior to DEI 1.3.x or Triage-Investigator and Triage-G2 4.3.x. 

Version 5.5/2.5 will automatically migrate custom-made Search Profiles, file Captures, and Scan Results from the previous versions. 

New Features

Learn about ADF's new features. As a customer, you can also request a feature

Known Issues

Read about known issues.

Product Guides

Consult the ADF software User Guides and technical specifications.

Learn More and Stay Current

ADF provides a variety of ways to stay up to date with updates and new features. To get the most of your software recommend you:

  1. Register your software to receive updates and upgrades
  2. Watch free How To videos (3 - 5 minutes each)
  3. Get ADF Certified in as little as 8 to 20 hours depending on the product
  4. Use the 24 x 7 Knowledge Base for questions
  5. Contact Support for help with anything - including help building captures