ADF Software Downloads

Customers can now download the installer for ADF digital forensic software products: 

NOTE: If you are a current ADF customer and would like to try any of our new tools, please contact us.

Mobile Device Investigator can be added to any of our tools in a PRO bundle. Text analysis capabilities can be added with the Rosoka Add-on for Entity Extraction and English Language Gisting (230+ languages). This is included in the new versions of Triage-G2 and Triage-G2 PRO and can be added on to any ADF software products. 

Pricing for all ADF tools is available 24x7 in the ADF Online Store

Product Guides

Consult the ADF software User Guides and technical specifications.

New Features

Learn about ADF's new features.

Known Issues

Read about known issues.

Data Migration Considerations

IMPORTANT: You should contact if you are running a version prior to DEI 1.3.x or Triage-Investigator and Triage-G2 4.3.x. 

Version 5.3/2.3 will automatically migrate custom-made Search Profiles, file Captures, and Scan Results from the previous versions.