Please find the current versions of ADF software user guides for the Mobile Device Investigator® (MDI) and Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO (DEI PRO) products below: 

IMPORTANT:  Before processing a mobile device, please check the Technical Specifications to verify the device you want to scan is not on the unsupported devices list under the "Unsupported Android and iOS Devices" section.

Standalone Report Viewer

As an investigator, you may desire to send a portable report viewer to prosecutors or other investigators for review or further analysis and reporting.  The Standalone Report User Guide provides best practices and will walk your non-technical users through how to get the most out of the portable viewer. 

Search Profiles and Captures

Detailed descriptions of the default Search Profiles and Captures can be found here:

In addition to these user manuals, additional technical details can be found in the ADF Technical Specifications documentation.  Still have questions?  Please contact support and we'll be delighted to assist you. 

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