ADF Training Program

ADF Solutions, Inc., has designed training programs to equip users with the knowledge and skills to use ADF tools and to immediately extract conclusive evidence and intelligence from computers and digital media. Three courses are currently offered.

  1. ADF Digital Investigations for users trained to 1) collect data from both preset artifact/data collection profiles, and 2) configure customized artifact/data collection profiles.
  2. ADF Triage for users trained to collect data from preset artifact/data collection profiles ONLY.

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ADF Digital Investigations for technical users

A two-day class intended for technical users. They will learn how to prepare and execute complex searches, understand advanced features, analyze detailed results, and prepare detailed reports.

ADF Triage for non-technical users

A two-day class intended for users who have computer skills but are involved in digital investigations. Students will learn what it means to search a computer for evidence/intelligence, how to do it without compromising the chain of custody, and what to expect from triaging a suspect computer.