Advance Your Investigations: Enhanced Screen Recording

[Reston, VA] - ADF Solutions, the maker of leading digital forensic software used worldwide for investigating smartphones, computers, and storage devices to quickly collect, identify, and report on..

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5 Tips For Collecting Digital Evidence Properly

In order for your digital evidence to be used in a court of law you should take care in your evidence collection procedures from digital devices. Best practices for collection are designed to help..

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How to Preserve Digital Evidence: The Importance of Data Collection

The preservation of digital evidence begins at the crime scene. It is imperative for all parties involved including forensic investigators to take active measures in the preservation and collection..

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Phones, Drones, and Automobiles: Cross-Platform Digital Forensics

Getting the "big picture" of a case is challenging when digital forensic data is spread across different disparate evidence types or a large of media sources. Experts from several leading forensic..

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The Need for Digital Forensics Tools for Financial Crimes

As the world’s financial systems advance in digital technology and cryptocurrency, the need for digital forensics grows greater. The use of blockchain technology has allowed crimes to go undetected..

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Remove an iTunes Password set in ADF Digital Forensics Tools

The Encrypt backup feature in iTunes locks and encodes your information. In this short How To video, Director of Training, Rich Frawley shows investigators how to remove the known iTunes backup..

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