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Advance Your Investigations: Enhanced Screen Recording

Posted by ADF Solutions on September 28, 2023
ADF Solutions

[Reston, VA] - ADF Solutions, the maker of leading digital forensic software used worldwide for investigating smartphones, computers, and storage devices to quickly collect, identify, and report on digital evidence today announced a new software version designed to further speed digital evidence collection and analysis. 

"We're excited to present the newest iteration of our digital forensic capabilities. In this release we continue to improve smartphone screen recording capabilities to collect information not otherwise accessible. We also update lots of artifact collections so they continue to perform well against all the newest apps." stated ADF Solutions' CTO, Raphael Bousquet. "This new release is thanks to our team that continues to put their hard work and passion into creating the fastest digital forensic and evidence collection tools on the market."Version 5.7.1 New Release Announcement (Twitter Post)

The latest release from ADF Solutions offers new features that streamline digital forensic investigations:

  • Updated Screen Recording Features:
    • Preserved Audio: audio from mobile device screen mirroring is now saved in the video recording.
    • New User Interface: Explore the new user interface for screen recording in portrait mode.
    • Thumbnail Customization: Adjust the size of displayed thumbnails according to your preference. 
  • Streamlined Menus: Enjoy easier access to application features through newly organized menus.
  • Expanded NTFS Cluster Support: The new version now accommodates NTFS clusters larger than 64MB to enhance scan capabilities.
  • Keyword Table Search: Effortlessly search Scan results using keywords, with results thoughtfully categorized by record type.
  • New and updated Artifacts Collection: Crypto Traces, Installed Applications on Windows to include MS Store and Android, Saved Contacts on iOS to include new artifact files.

“Our new digital forensic features are a game-changer for law enforcement agencies, corporate security teams, and legal professionals. The enhancements in this release allow our customers to more easily collect and review evidence," said Seth Land, VP of Sales for ADF Solutions. “With ADF’s software at their disposal, our customers can expect quicker case resolutions and a continued high level of confidence in the results they obtain. We're excited to showcase these capabilities to our clients and partners and demonstrate how they can elevate their investigative processes to new heights.”

What This Solves

Keyword Search: Our latest release enhances search efficiency by enabling seamless access to keyword search results. Now, navigating through results is much easier as users can navigate keywords by groups. Users can now effortlessly pinpoint keyword matches by filtering through result groups in the search section. For instance, matches can be isolated within specific categories like calendars or messages.

Screen Recording: The introduction of updated screen recording features in mobile forensics, including preserved audio, portrait mode, and thumbnail customization, significantly enhances each investigator’s ability to solve cases effectively. Preserving audio during screen recording sessions allows for the capture of critical audio evidence, adding depth to digital evidence analysis. The portrait mode interface aligns with typical user interactions, while thumbnail customization ensures focused analysis, optimizing investigators' efficiency in reconstructing events and uncovering valuable evidence from mobile devices.

Investigate Device:  Moreover, the new interface integrates mobile and computer scanning, eliminating complexity with a single button labeled "Investigate Device." Navigating through scanning, acquiring, imaging, screencasting, and previewing connected devices via advanced logical acquisition is now streamlined via intuitive menu options.

Brittany Roberts, Director of Marketing for ADF Solutions, affirms, "These enhancements echo our commitment to optimizing digital investigations for enhanced user experiences. We're thrilled to empower our customers with these new features, reinforcing our provision of cutting-edge forensic software tools for efficient and effective on-scene and forensic lab investigations."


Starting at $2,999, forensic investigators and examiners can subscribe for one year or three years with support and maintenance of ADF digital forensic software. ADFs Certified Digital Forensic and Triage Training costs start at $695. 

The software is now available for purchase and qualified professionals can request a free trial of ADF forensic software at

About ADF Solutions:

ADF Solutions is a leading provider of digital forensics and forensic triage software. ADF offers various services and products, including certified digital forensics training and digital forensic software. ADF’s team of talented digital forensics professionals have experience working on various cases, including human trafficking, child exploitation, cybercrime, border security, and criminal investigations. For more information, visit

Media Contact:

Brittany Roberts

Director of Marketing

Advanced Digital Forensic Solutions, Inc.

+1 (301) 658-2411

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