New Version Features

At ADF, we are mission-driven. We are delighted to serve those who serve, and some of our most exciting times are when we add new features and capabilities, learn how they are being used, and, of course, on launch days. We hope you'll love what we've created.

Version 5.92.9 Release Email (Twitter Post) (1)

We are proud to announce our newest software release, which includes updates to the following products: 



  • New Acquire Capability: Create Load File in MDI during the acquisition of an Android device and iOS device to assist with e-Discovery investigations
  • Streamlined Scan Setup: Investigators can now configure scans with greater ease and efficiency, saving valuable time during critical casework. Users can now:
    • Import hash values from a VICS/CAID database with the possibility to select categories,
    • Import keyword list and prompt for default tags and comments if none are in the CSV file
    • Import hash values from the CSV file and prompt for default tags and comments if none are in the CSV file
    • Export errors when importing keywords or hash values 
    • Log issues when importing data
  • Enhanced Viewer: The improved viewer provides a more intuitive interface for investigators to navigate and analyze extracted data, leading to faster identification of key evidence. Users can now display thumbnail(s) of attached reference files and filter pictures that were not properly rendered.
  • Target Windows on ARM CPU: Users can now image and scan live Windows x86/x64/ARM via a remote agent and identify inaccessible files.


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