New Version Features

At ADF, we are mission-driven. We are delighted to serve those who serve and some of our most exciting times are when we are adding new features and capabilities when we learn how they are being used, and of course, on launch days. We hope you'll love what we've created.

Version 5.8 - Chromebooks

We are proud to announce our newest software release which includes updates to the following products: 

Watch How To Investigate Chromebooks


  • Chrome OS Devices:
    • Scan Chrome OS Devices
    • Image Chrome OS Devices
    • Screenshot and Screen Record Chrome OS Devices
  • New Viewer Functionalities:
    • Users can now assign tags to scans
    • Records are automatically deselected after they have been tagged
  • Collect Evidence from Rooted Mobile Devices: 
    • Discord Messages
    • Google Messenger
    • Network Usage
  • Screenshot in Landscape Mode

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