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Triage-Investigator® PRO is intelligent forensic triage for iOS/Android and computer investigations. Deploy to the front-line investigator to collect, analyze and report on digital evidence to prove your case. Investigate iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows.  TINV PRO has powerful boot capabilities, is forensically sound, and comes with technical support and regular upgrades.  



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Intro to Triage-Investigator PRO - ADF

The Best Professional Digital Forensic Platform

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Triage-Investigator PRO is designed to work with Digital Evidence Investigator® (DEI) and provide a digital forensic platform where forensic labs can leverage investigators to collect and process data and analyze iOS and Android smartphones, computers (Mac, Windows, Linux) and digital devices in the field. The ADF digital forensic platform enables an organization to control search criteria used in the field.  DEI with Triage-Investigator PRO enables organizations to roll out digital forensic software to the field quickly with minimal training and confidence that forensic integrity will be maintained during collection, analysis and reporting. 


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Field Investigator PRO for Teams (1)


Download the Triage-Investigator Data SheetTriage-Investigator® PRO is the all-in-one digital forensic, triage and media exploitation software built for speed, scalability, and ease-of-use by front-line investigators who need results. ADF software quickly processes and analyzes smartphones (iOS and Android), computers, external drives, drive images, and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.).  

With TINV PRO, you get all the capabilities of Triage-Investigator® and Mobile Device Investigator® in a single license. Empower your front-line investigators to collect, analyze and report on digital evidence from:

  • iOS
  • Android 
  • Mac OS (including T2 and M1 chips)
  • Windows
  • Linux 


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Triage-Investigator® PRO Kit Includes:

ADF Triage Investigator PRO Kit

One Portable Travel Case

 One Triage-Investigator® PRO Software Authentication License Key

 One 500GB high-speed SSD drive

 USB cables for iOS

 USB cables for Android

 One Four Port USB hub

 Software Maintenance and Support

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