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Why Do I Need Video Forensics Tools?

Posted by Toby Marriott on October 19, 2022

Video forensics tools help forensic analysts by providing a way to enhance and analyze video footage. These tools can improve the quality of video footage, make it easier to identify objects and people in the video, and determine the sequence of events.

They can also be used in recreating events, which can be helpful in understanding how a crime was committed. Video forensics begins with the recovery of video footage. A variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers can capture video and have the capacity to store these videos in different formats. Video forensics tools make it possible to retrieve video evidence for analysis from different devices. Video footage that has been thoroughly examined may then be submitted as evidence during a trial.

Video forensics can be used for a variety of cases and agencies can benefit significantly from implementing video forensic tools. Project VIC is a nonprofit organization founded by Rich Brown and former U.S. law enforcement officials who saw the need to normalize data between digital forensic tools, software vendors, and service providers in order to focus the community on building enhanced workflows to more rapidly identify victims of child exploitation (CSAM, CEM) and human trafficking. 

Using VICS and CAID hashset data, law enforcement agents are empowered to more rapidly and effectively search for indecent videos or Images of Children (IOC), child exploitation material, and human trafficking signals and perform crime scene investigations starting on- scene.  

Video classification can assist in speeding up this process, with artificial intelligence the software can recognize a multitude of visual classes. It can recognize and categorize these videos containing content such as child abuse, bestiality, pornography, people, and weapons. Users can choose the type of material they want to appear in their searches, essentially cutting down on the amount of time it takes to analyze all of the retrieved video evidence. 

ADF’S software gives agencies the tools they need to master video forensics and provide the best investigative services to their community. ADF’s Digital Evidence Investigator PRO performs video classification to identify illicit content faster. The classifier works on all the collected pictures and videos coming from the file system, archives, databases, thumbnails, documents, emails, messages, downloads, and unallocated space.

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