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The Power of ADF Computer Triage

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on February 27, 2020
Richard T. Frawley

ADF computer triage has long been admired for some of the best digital forensic triage capabilities on the market. Since 2006, ADF digital forensic experts have been building triage tools to empower investigators to quickly collect evidence and on-scene intelligence from computers and digital devices.

Over the years, ADF continued to invest in triage without jeopardizing speed.  ADF collects and gives front line law enforcement investigators solid evidence to base decisions on -- such as user interactions with specific files, timelines, full file and folder listing, reporting, and more. ADF's computer triage software supports finding evidence on Mac, Linux and Windows. 

In this short video from our digital forensic specialist, Rich Frawley, you'll learn how you can use ADF's triage tools to quickly scan for the digital evidence you need -- "low hanging fruit" -- to make your case on-scene.

ADF's powerful triage tool scanned a Dell XPS with 8GB of ram, a 250GB hard drive with only 40GB free space in just 58 seconds.

Results included:

  • 250 GB HDD
  • 619,054 Files and Folders
  • 462 Keyword Hits (Auto Tagged)
  • 404 Files Collected
  • 58 seconds elapsed

What else do you get with ADF?

  • Reporting (HTML, CSV, PDF, VICS, Stand Alone Viewer)
  • Analysis of properties and files collected; No need for post-scan collection as ADF has already collected it for you
  • Boot scan - easy set up, plug and play, add keywords on scene
  • Multiple devices with one license
  • Anything attached to the computer
  • Review results on scene

These results are from a quick and easy search scanned in 58 seconds. You don't need to imagine what a more intense scan will do; this video shows you so much more. 

ADF gives you the flexibility needed to adapt and overcome while on scene. With ADF, you'll have multiple updates and releases each year, support that is second to none, customizable and easy to use software. 

Collecting Ram on a Live Computer

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