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Speed Digital Investigations with Multimedia

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on May 19, 2022
Richard T. Frawley
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When conducting an investigation involving multimedia, the quantities of files can be quite overwhelming especially when they include Child Exploitation Material (CEM) and Child Sexual Assault Material (CSAM). It is not just the CEM or CSAM that is included in the collection or search, typically there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of files including images and videos, that have to be sorted through. Not only can the number of files be daunting, but the reasons for conducting the intense file filtering also have multiple purposes.

Conducting a Digital Investigation

The images will be broken down into several categories so that you may properly charge in the case, the court can enhance them if necessary or applicable and the images can be properly submitted for review on victim identification. The question is how do you make such an exhaustive search of the files in a timely manner that also allows you to be accurate, and not have to subject yourself to these harmful images over and over again.Investigations Involving Multimedia-2

There is no doubt it takes a special person to be able to do the work required in Crimes Against Children cases, it takes a strong mind and patience. I always knew there would be results on the back end, an arrest, a victim identified or rescued, a monster off the street, that would make the time spent worthwhile. That delayed gratification in knowing the job was done right, also gave the desire to find a way to optimize the time required to get the case closed.

ADF Solutions on the Front Line

ADF Solutions Inc has been at the forefront of child exploitation investigations with not only triage, but the ability to quickly identify, sort, filter, remove, tag, and report on CE and CSAM built into our tools. There are several technologies and features available to help you get to the files of interest quickly, including hashing, keywords, classification, age detection, photo probability, matching, and auto-tagging. 

Employing these technologies and features with a certain methodology and in a certain order will not only get you to the files of interest accurately, but it will also reduce the number of images you will need to look at and the amount of time you have to spend analyzing. Learn how to filter and sort with a method that allows you to be confident that no victim will be left behind

Watch Speed Digital Investigations Involving Multimedia

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