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ADF Field InvestigatorTM for Teams is designed to quickly equip agencies and task forces with a desire to expand their computer forensic capabilities beyond the lab and investigate computers on-scene — Windows, Linux, and macOS (including T2 and M1 chips)

The Problem

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Cybercrime continues to grow at a record pace and agencies around the world are struggling to keep pace. Highly trained investigators are reluctant to expand their capabilities into the field for fear of losing control and they simply can't afford the time or the expense of training more investigators on expensive digital forensic tools. 

The Solution - There's a Better Way

The Field Investigator for Teams solves these problems in a quick, affordable way. By combining two of ADF's most popular digital forensic and triage tools, Digital Evidence Investigator® (DEI) and Triage-Investigator® (TINV) ADF's Field InvestigatorTM for Teams gives: 

  1. Highly trained investigators and lab examiners control over what field investigators are able to collect and analyze with custom search profiles
  2. Non-technical field investigators an easy-to-use field forensic tools which are automated for on-scene decisions
  3. Confidence in rapid field triage, with the ability to seize only what is necessary, and the ability to quickly create and share court ready reports

The Results

Download Field Investigator for Teams Data SheetEven the most non-technical field investigators will have confidence when deployed to investigate computers using Triage-Investigator®. Your newly empowered field investigators and task force members will play an integral role in reducing and eliminating forensic backlogs, and more importantly, they'll be empowered to perform RAM dump forensics, triage computers, and quickly identify victims and suspects and make decisions on-scene. 

Your agency will save time, and with ADF's Field InvestigatorTM for Teams, your agency will also save money along the way.  To get started, simply choose the bundle that's right for your agency and your budget. We offer both 1-year and 3-year bundle options, each of which can provide free computer forensic software or the dollar value equivalent. 

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Looking for more than just a computer forensic tool? Check out Field InvestigatorTM PRO for Teams which gives your team full control over computer and mobile (iOS/Android) investigations.

Want pricing now? Visit the ADF digital forensic online store.

Bundle Training for Your Digital First Responder® Team

Teams who want to ramp up their cyber forensic and high-tech crime unites quickly can request for Digital First Responder® training to be included in their quote as a digital-first responder bundle for their field investigators. Each of these investigator-friendly digital forensic training classes is led by former law enforcement agents who are digital forensic experts.   

Add Mobile Device Investigation Support

If your team needs to investigate more than just computers, you can upgrade to Field Investigator PRO for Teams. You'll get all of the computer forensics capabilities with the ability to perform advanced logical acquisitions of iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets). 

Upgrade to PRO to add mobile capabilities for ios android Field Investigator PRO for Teams