New and Experienced Investigators love the speed and ease of use 

If you are tasked with investigating digital evidence, ADF's suite of tools will help you quickly solve your case. ADF is considered one of the best digital forensic software enabling new and experienced investigators to:

  • Collect - Rapid on-scene triage of phones and computers 
  • Analyze - Highly trained AI gives you quick analysis with auto tagging, categorization and "red-light/green-light" showcasing critical evidence and low hanging fruit
  • ReportFlexible reporting so you can solve your case the same day and share results for free with other investigators, management, or prosecutors 

Our early years were spent creating software specifically for image identification and analysis for child exploitation, with government agencies and law enforcement being the main clients asking for this technology. Our immediate value as a digital forensic triage tool was in providing immediate on-scene intelligence and capture of potential evidentiary information.

ADF's powerful digital forensic software has evolved into solutions that are easy to use and easy to deploy widely which lets organizations quickly reduce and eliminate forensic backlogs - something that is valuable for digital forensic labs, high tech crime units, ICAC task forces, and organizations of all sizes that value speed. 

ADF software includes forensic support for hundreds of file types and artifacts, and a better way to link all that information quicker than any other solution on the market. 

Who We Serve

Our primary focus is serving those who serve and we view every digital forensic examiner, investigator, detective, and special agent as important in our mission of helping serve the justice community. Our clients include:

If you have a need to investigate a case, or a crime of any type that involves digital evidence, we invite you to request a free trial of ADF software. 

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