ADF PRO (Mobile + Computer Forensics)

PRO Tools: The power of a lab in the field


Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO (DEI PRO)  allows frontline field investigators to quickly preview, capture, and collect evidence from iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, and Windows using your forensic machine or an ADF rugged field forensic tablet.

ADF Digital Evidence Investigator PRO Field Tablet

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Number one


Connect a suspect device via a USB port to quickly collect evidence and perform an advanced logical acquisition.

Number two


Capture and organize manual Screen Captures and perform an initial review of pictures, videos, messages, etc.

Number three


Conduct an in-depth analysis of the data with a timeline view to tie the suspect to files of interest and user activities.

Whether you are handling Child Exploitation cases, human trafficking, fraud, terrorism, or performing any type of investigation, ADF mobile and computer forensic and triage tools are the powerful tools you’ll want in your forensic toolkit. 

ADF PRO (Mobile + Computer Forensics)

Digital Evidence Investigator PRO (DEI PRO)

DEI Kit2024

Built for forensic examiners to create Custom Search Profiles that can be shared with Triage-Investigator PRO users.

DEI PRO Field Tablet

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The power of a forensic lab built for the field - our flagship product loaded on a rugged field tablet.

In just 30 days: 10 offences charged, 64 devices seized, 420 days of waiting time saved by producing tablet reports directly.

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