Are You Tired of Forensic Backlogs? 

ADF forensic tools are designed to extend your capabilities beyond the forensic lab while enabling Forensic Examiners to maintain control. With ADF, you can easily expand your computer and mobile digital forensics capabilities beyond the lab.

The Problem is Scale

Cybercrime continues to grow at a record pace and agencies around the world are struggling to keep pace. Highly trained investigators are reluctant to expand their capabilities into the field for fear of losing control and they simply can't afford the time or the expense of training more investigators on expensive digital forensic tools. 

The Solution - There's a Better Way

The ADF forensic platform solves these problems in a quick, affordable way. By combining ADF's computer and mobile phone forensic tools for lab and field deployment, ADF gives law enforcement agencies the ability to have: 

  1. Highly trained investigators and lab examiners control what field investigators are able to collect and analyze computers and mobile devices with custom search profiles
  2. Non-technical field investigators solve crimes with easy-to-use field forensic tools which are automated for rapid on-scene decisions
  3. Confidence in rapid field triage, with the ability to seize only what is necessary, and the ability to quickly create and share court-ready reports

Compassionate policing means you no longer need to seize smartphones, laptops, or computers from cooperating witnesses or victims if there is no evidentiary value. ADF's digital forensic software empowers investigators to quickly triage devices and collect only the evidence necessary to prove their case and bring what is needed back to the lab. 

The Results

Now your field investigators and task force members will play an integral role in reducing and eliminating forensic backlogs, and more importantly, they'll be empowered to quickly identify victims and suspects and make decisions on-scene. 

Your agency will save time and money along the way.  When you're ready to start, simply complete the form and we'll get the process started for you!

"The quickness and user interface, as well as the ability to shape the triage and target certain types of investigations, have impressed everyone."

Computer Forensic Analyst
U.S. Federal Agency

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