Start Your Digital Investigations On-Scene!

Extend Your Reach from Lab to Field

Speed investigations and reduce forensic backlogs by giving your field agents access to ADF’s automated cybercrime investigation tools which can be used on-scene to triage devices, and quickly collect evidence for all types of cyber investigations.

Field agents get the intelligence they need to make immediate arrest decisions, seize devices, and start building court-ready reports to share with other investigators or with the forensic lab.

Mobile Forensics Built for Field Deployment

Give your frontline agents the tools they need to start solving investigations on-scene with: 

  • Instant Mobile Preview (no more waiting for backups!)
  • Screenshots with OCR
  • Screen Recording with Preserved Audio
  • Collect and Analyze iOS/Android/ChromeOS Evidence
  • Automatic Categorization and Facial Analysis with Age Grouping

Maintain Control

With Mobile Device Investigator ®, digital forensic examiners can create custom search profiles to deploy out to field investigators, high-tech crime units, and task force members. MDI has the power of smartphone forensics in a single tool so you can deploy digital forensics capabilities to your digital first responders.

With MDI in hand, even your most non-technical investigators can rapidly collect digital evidence and perform field analysis thereby allowing agents to make on-scene decisions including:

  • Victim identification
  • Suspect identification
  • Seizure decisions
  • Additional keyword capture 

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"The quickness and user interface, as well as the ability to shape the triage and target certain types of investigations, have impressed everyone."

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