How to find your ADF license file and Support Code

The support code is a 6 numerical digit number and can be found in your license file or in the application's Settings.

Finding your License File

Open your license folder by inserting your Authentication Key (AKY) or Collection Key (CKY) into the USB port. Open my computer. Double click on your ADF drive as seen below. 


Double click the AKData or CKData folder to find the license file.

The ADF license file is named after the serial number of the USB flash drive and has the ".lic.txt" extension.

You can copy this license file to any support request.

Finding the Support Code in the License File

To find the support code, open the license file with Notepad by right-clicking on it and selecting Open.

The support code is the number after the word "SUPPORT=" (and not on the CODE line).

Finding your License Information in the Application

The license information is accessible in the Settings menu of your ADF application under the Backed-up Licenses section.